tata consultancy services: Techies, here’s why according to TCS you need not be scared of robots taking your jobs

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will continue to maintain its average hiring of 50,000 employees a year, said CEO Rajesh Gopinathan at the India Economic Conclave in Mumbai on Thursday.

“Automation is a bogeyman everyone fears. But irrespective of the technology, they are just tools. They need humans to make the best use of such tools. So I foresee no dip in hiring patterns,” Gopinathan said.

He said TCS was positive about job growth and that advanced technology would never be a good enough substitute for human innovation and processes. On whether TCS would become a $1 trillion (valuation) company from a $100 billion one, Gopinathan said, “$100 billion is market cap. While we are happy about it, that is not the performance metric we are looking for. What we are aiming for is to become a $100 billion company in revenues.”

On being pressed further, he said, “Around 2002-03, we were a $500 million (revenue) company and our target back then was to become a $10 billion company by 2010. … We are a company that is unafraid of large numbers.”

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