Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold launch: 5 phones, smartwatches, new headphones and more

The Galaxy S10 and foldable phone leakfest  is finally over; now that Samsung’s Unpacked event has started, we’ve got all the official details about Samsung’s much-hyped new Galaxy Fold, its raft of Galaxy S10 models, and all the new accessories that go with them.

Of course, there’s always something we didn’t get. In this case, no news on the Galaxy Home. Oh, wait — we found out when it will be available! 

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New Galaxy S10 phones pile on sweet specs


Galaxy Fold

With its new 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display, a 7nm processor, Samsung’s new fast solid-state storage and seamless flow between folded and expanded views, the Galaxy Fold breaks new ground. At $1,980, that applies to its pricing, too.

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Samsung flaunts Galaxy Fold at Unpacked


Galaxy S10 models and accessories

There weren’t a lot of details left unleaked about the phones or accessories, but now we get to see them in action.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds charge right off the back of the…


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