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Build an automatic lawn sprinkler system on the cheap – Video

To a New York City native like me, taking care of a lawn is, well, let’s just say it’s a new concept.
Now that I’ve moved to Louisville, Kentucky, own a house and a lawn for the first time, I really need to learn proper lawn care.
I know that regular watering is essential to having a healthy lawn.
But I don’t have a traditional irrigation system, and I’m not gonna spend thousand dollars to get one.
But after a little research and tinkering though, I’ve Mcgyvered a solution that does the same job for a fraction of the price.
The core of my lawn watering system Is the $40 quick-snap sprinkler kit, a compact rotating sprinkler, which attaches to ordinary garden hoses.
The other half of my system is the $35 orbit single dial hose faucet timer.
This is a valve controlled by an electronic timer, which sits between your outdoor faucet and a garden hose.
You might also need to use a few water hose adaptors.
[UNKNOWN] to extend the reach of your home’s outdoor faucet.
Don’t worry, they’re pretty inexpensive, about 4 to $5 each at your local hardware store.
To hook up everything, I first attached a hose extender to my faucet.
Then I connected that to the water timer.
Next I screwed my garden hose to the other end of the timer.
Then I connected the quick snap adapter to the other end of the hose.
After that I dug a small hole in a plot facing my lawn.
Then I placed the sprinkler in the hole and connected it to the hose.
After testing the sprinkler and making tweaks for amount of rotation and aim, I filled in the hole and set my timer.
I now have a sprinkler that covers my front lawn, independently functions when and for how long I want, and without paying through the nose or digging trenches.
Follow these steps and you too could have an irrigation system on the cheap.

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