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So I’ve already called the galaxy S10 plus an everything phone.
And it is, it’s really great.
But, $1,000 is $1,000 and that’s a lot of money, if you’d like to hold on to more of that, then you might be thinking about the galaxy S10E here, which trades for $150.
Is a really great option, luckily for you, it is.
What is the Galaxy S10E?
Well, it It’s the cheapest of Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 phones.
It’s also the smallest with the smallest battery and has the fewest number of cameras on the back and front.
There’s also a flat screen rather than a curved display.
Gorilla glass five on the front and back rather than a helping of gorilla glass Six and, this part is important, the Galaxy S10 E has a fingerprint reader built into the power button instead of the in screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that you see in the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus but otherwise, you’re looking at the same core specs as those other two phones and that’s what makes the Galaxy S10 E such a compelling choice.
It’s incredibly fast with its industry topping Snapdragon 855 processor.
It uses Android Pie with Samsung’s One UI interface on top, can wireless charge another device.
And the photography is top notch.
Still, there are a couple of things you’re gonna want to know about before making your final decision like, is the fingerprint scanner better or worse than the Galaxy S10 Plus?
How about the cameras?
How about battery life?
How does it standup to the competition?
Let start with size and design.
The Galaxy S10e has a 5.8 inches screen that takes up most of the phone phase.
It looks really slick and it allows the phone body to remain nice and compact.
If you’re coming from a large screen device like the 6.4 inch Galaxy S10 plus like i did, the S10 E feels really small, but small isn’t a bad thing, my hands are on the small side, so the S10 E is much more natural fit, i didn’t have to stretch my fingers this far to work this screen, the phone fit better on my pocket, typing felt faster because the keyboard is smaller.
Also, I can much more easily hold the phone in one hand while selecting photo settings with the other.
The S ten E has a flat screen and straighter sides.
Which in a way also makes it feel more secure in my hand compared to a curved screen.
This is important for Phone as slippery and glossy as this, but I would recommend that you buy a case to be extra sure.
It has slipped off tabletops during my testing.
Screen resolution isn’t as sharp as on the S10 and S10 Plus, but I could still read outside just fine.
And I honestly couldn’t make out a quality difference when looking at videos, photos, and webpages side by side with the S10 Plus.
It’s a negligible difference really.
The main thing you have to be okay with is the smaller screen size in general.
Now let’s get back to the fingerprint reader.
It’s built into the power on the side but the button doesn’t stick out like the volume keys.
It’s flat and indented so it can register your print.
I’m usually a big fan of this design because it’s fast, accurate, and ergonomic as long as you’re right handed.
I had a lot of success with this capacitive reader.
More so I would say with the in screen ultra sonic fingerprint reader that’s in the Galaxy S ten plus.
So don’t feel like you’re missing out on cutting edge tech here, you can still get into your phone quickly and use [UNKNOWN] pay or google pay without trying to find the target on the back of the phone.
You can also still launch the camera app by double tapping the power button.
Still there are two things that I find a little odd.
First, Samsung put the fingerprint reader pretty high up, so I did have to stretch a little bit to reach it.
If you have bigger hands that might not be a problem for you.
Second, taking screenshots just felt weird.
That’s because the power button is now flat and sunken in, while the volume down key is thin and raised.
It’s not hard, it’s just kinda strange
Now let’s talk about the cameras.
The Galaxy S10 plus is the deluxe model with three cameras on the back and two on the front.
The S10 E is all about essentials.
That’s actually what the E stands for.
So you get two cameras on the back and one on the front.
This is actually all you really need.
The S10e has a 12 megapixel dual-aperture lens, just like last year’s Galaxy S9 and also a 16 megapixel wide-angle lens.
The S10 Plus has these two, but only thing that you’re really missing from that other phone is that there’s no telephoto lens on the e.
That’s nice to have, but it’s not in need to have.
On the front is the same 10 megapixel camera as the other S10 phones.
You can do almost everything you can on the S10 plus including taking great photos and videos, and capturing portrait mode shots with cool effects.
You can switch between the rear lenses for a different view.
And their software that let you do the same for the front facing camera, portraits selfies too.
Photo quality is just as good in a $1,000 S10 plus.
The biggest [UNKNOWN] for me is that there’s no dedicated night mode on any of the S10 phones, but that something I want to expect in premium model.
Not necessarily the value model anyway.
Let’s turn our focus on battery life.
The S10 plus is an absolute powerhouse lasting from early morning to late late night on a single charge.
I never had to worry about it.
I might have to worry just a little bit more about the S10E, because Its battery is a little smaller to begin with.
It has a 3100 millient battery that lasted about 17 hours on our video looping test in airplane mode.
That’s really good.
And, in real life, it definitely took me from my 6am wakeup until a 10pm bedtime.
And that’s including tethering the phone to my laptop and downloading Netflix videos, still it didn’t last quite as long as larger phone, and if you use the phone heavily, you might run out of sim sooner, battery life also dwindles over time, so you should absolutely plan on charging it once a day, overall though, dynamite.
In terms of storage, the S10E is a little bit more modest than the S10 Plus, which can get you up to a terabyte of on-board storage.
Most people don’t really need that though.
The Galaxy S10E’s 128GB starting storage, with 6GB of RAM, is pretty generous, especially when paired with a 512GB external storage option.
But if you feel you need more there’s also 256 GB model with 8 GB of RAM.
We’re gonna talk about the competition in just a minute.
But first, I wanna talk about upgrades.
Is this phone worth getting?
If you’re upgrading from a phone that’s two years old or older, then do it, sure, it’s fantastic, but if you’ve got the Galaxy S9 already and you’re thinking about an upgrade, I would really hesitate.
There’s not really that much different to justify the buy even though this is a cheaper phone and it’s better than the Galaxy S9 in every way If you do wanna make that move, I would look around for sales and promotions first.
All right, but what if you’re comparing it to other phones in the same price range?
Say, the iPhone 10R and the One Plus 6T?
Or maybe you wanna hold out for the One Plus 7. This is when things get a little bit more complicated.
I’m not a strong fanned girl one way or another.
I think there’s a lot to like about Android and iOS.
If you agree then you really need to weigh what you care about most.
The iPhone XR has slightly longer battery life in our lab tests, but the S10e has double the starting storage, and an expandable memory slot.
Both charge wirelessly, but only the S10e can charge another device.
The S10e has a fingerprint reader, the iPhone has face ID, they both unlock your phone, they’re both secure enough for mobile payments, so at this point, it’s kind of up to you.
It’s not just about Apple, the S10e also faces stiff competition from the OnePlus 6T Which is also a great phone and cheaper still at $550.
The One Plus phone has a larger screen and larger batter, dual rear cameras and the same onboard storage options but no micro SD slot.
It uses last year’s Snap dragon processor which is still pretty great.
If you’re trying to get a premium phone as cheap as possible, then saving $200 with the One Plus XT might sound tempting.
But in the U.S., T Mobile is the only OnePlus6T carrier, unless you buy the phone unlocked.
You could also wait to see what the OnePlus 7 brings.
So my final assessment of the Galaxy S10E, it’s a fantastic phone, and it’s a really great value too.
I love the screen, everything about it.
I love the size.
The grip in my hand feels really secure.
I have smaller hands, so I really enjoy it for typing.
I think the fingerprint reader is accurate.
I really like it.
I think it’s better than the S10 Plus.
I don’t think you’re missing a lot by not having all of those cameras.
I think the only detraction, maybe is that there’s gonna be some price competition from other phones, but other than that, this is a hit.

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