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Testing gas grills at the CNET Smart Home – Video

Grilling season is heating up and we’re putting some of the best selling grills to the test here at the cnet’s.
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To make sure each girl measures up we perform three tests with ribs, chicken and burgers.
We kick off our testing with St.
Louis style ribs seasoned with a dry rub.
After preheating each grill on high heat for ten minutes we placed the rib on the grill over a **** of aluminium foil.Ribs cook for three hours on indirect low heat,we do not capture data while cooking ribs this round is based on taste test alone.
You can have a three hour cook time ribs should be tender and juicy not dry or chewy.
To collect data on how evenly and efficiently your grill performs we cook whole chicken.
Once the chicken is prepped, trimmed, and seasoned, we insert a temperature probe into each chicken breast.
With the grill preheated on high for ten minutes, the chickens are placed over medium indirect heat.
The temperature probes inside the chicken are connected to a data logger and computer that record the internal temperature every two seconds.
We monitor each chicken until both breasts have reached 165 degrees Fahrenheit Hi, the resulting data shows us which girls cook the fastest.
On average.
This test takes about an hour and a half.
While the time here is important, it’s also imperative that a good girl produce chicken with crispy skin and tender juicy meat, burgers, our final tests of grilling power, we measure 5.3 ounces of ground beef, press them into patties and place them in a girl basket.
Then we enter the temperature probe into the center of each patty.
We grow the burgers for six minutes before flipping them over and monitoring the temperature until the last temperature in each basket reaches 145 degrees.
The data also tells us if there are any hotspots across the grill’s cooking surface.
Burger should have a light char on the outside and a touch of pink in the center.
We don’t want a burger that looks and feels burnt or one that is too soft throughout.
So which grill is right for you?
Turns out it depends on what you’re grilling.
Some grills are masters at low and slow cooking, while others are best at shorter cook times.
All of these tests helped me get a sense of what it’s like to cook across multiple grill sizes with different meats and cooking methods.
So you can pick a grill that will meet your expectations.

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