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I’m willing to bet you’re not playing a whole lot of Pokemon Go anymore, and maybe never thought you’d needed a holo lens to turn your partner into a zombie on the sofa.
Instead, I think the most useful part of AR for the most people, the soonest is going to be in cars.
Now we all think we know what AR is, but let’s do a quick refresher to make sure we do and especially in the automotive realm.
The first thing is A stands for augmented, V stands for virtual, that’s how AR and VR differ so much.
Augmented reality augments what you see and are engaging with during the driving task.
Or maybe as a passenger, it doesn’t replace worlds that’s VR and is a much more difficult and disconnected technology to relate to driving.
augmented reality really does want to make the driving task more interesting, easier or safer.
Then you’ve got this idea of always thinking AR is visual, right?
That’s kind of where our minds go.
Everything we’ve been shown is a visual augmentation.
But AR is not strictly for your eyes.
AR can also involve things like tactile input, or auditory input sounds that may be modified to focus you better on what’s happening in the driving task around you.
And finally, always know that AR can add which we always say But it can also subtract and make things go away, that can be a very handy trick.
Right along those lines, take a look at General Motors is about to roll out making a trailer behind your truck, go away.
They call it transparent trailer view.
It’ll be an option using a cam review from the very back of the trailer superimposed over your actual view out the back and therefore makes the trailer seem to vanish.
Going the other direction, Land Rover’s pioneering a similar AR trick to make the front of a 2020 Evoke disappear.
That way, the tricky terrain that you’re traversing in the moment doesn’t suddenly hide underneath the front of the car.
Jaguar teased us years ago with a similar technology to make interior pillars transparent.
The hang up seems to be the tech to a pollster the pillar in OLED screen, not the camera tech itself at this point.
Now of course most of us will still think that AR as a data and graphics overlay technique which immediately brings to mindset we’ve had for a lot of years, the HUD.
The head up display.
They can show speed, roads, nav instructions but no, it’s usually not contextually placed.
So it’s hard to argue a typical HUD is AR.
Lexus is perhaps the most ambitious of current HUD’s continental supplies an impressive one to Lincoln No not yet to the Continental HUD’s will go a car in the near future though using technology like I saw at CES in 2019, from wy re it seeks to make the entire windshield more or less an immersive augmented view
Or even more futuristic is gesture controlled full windshield AR as Mercedes has conceptualized in what they call DICE, the dynamic and intuitive control experience.
In the meanwhile Mercedes is taking smaller steps.
The new A class and 2020 GLE will offer augmented nav instructions.
But over a live camera view on a screen on the dash.
It’s a step on the road to that AR windshield.
Now not all exciting automotive AR happens in the car.
A lot of it happens in the car industry.
Look at BMW’s pioneering app for vehicle configuration, puts just about any configuration of new BMW in front of you without setting foot into the dealership.
Win, Volvo is an example of how almost every car maker now uses some AR in the design process.
It’s also used in manufacturing, in quality control, and Bosch even uses it to help their techs do service repairs.
Wanna really go way out there in automotive AR?
Not even sure what I think of this one, but look what Intel and Warner Brothers have shown recently, this is very conceptual.
Hello, sir.
Intel and Warner Brothers welcome you to your ride.
They envision the inside of a car being one big augmented reality sphere including a virtualized Alfred to give you confidence in the autonomous car’s decisions and awareness.
But there is a road closure ahead of us.
And augmenting the view of the world you see as you drive or ride So that it kind of becomes overlaid as an ever-changing exciting Gotham.
I hope you had a pleasant journey.
Please exit to the right.
Enjoy your day.

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