Turn a photo of data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet – Video

A Microsoft tool for android in IOS can turn words and numbers on a sheet of paper into an excel spreadsheet in a couple of seconds.
With Excel’s Insert Data from Picture tool, you can snap a picture of data on a piece of paper, and the Excel app will automatically convert the image into table data which you can edit.
The Excel app is part of Microsoft’s collection of Office apps for Android and iOS, that includes Word In PowerPoint apps, the free versions of the mobile Office apps give you basic editing tools including this Excel picture tool.
If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for a free subscription when you download the mobile Excel app.
To get started, open the Excel app and tap the new document button at the top.
You can choose to create a blank workbook or use one of the templates that come with the app.
At the bottom of the app, tap the data from picture button If this is your first time using the tool, tap ALLOW to give Microsoft permission to convert the image to data, using Microsoft’s Online Services.
Position the red rectangle around the data you want to capture, and then tap the Capture button.
The app’s a little finicky about what it does and doesn’t identify as data, so it may take a few tries to capture what you want.
If you wanna start over, just tap the X.
When you’re happy with the image you captured, tap the red Check button to convert the data.
Next you’ll see a preview of the data you captured.
To fix something incorrect or missing, tap a red highlighted cell and then tap Edit.
Tap done after each change.
If a highlighted cell is correct, just tap ignore.
You can also tap unhighlighted cell to make corrections or changes.
Once you’re happy with the data, tap insert at the top to place the data in your workbook.
You can capture numbers and words as well as lists and recipe ingredients.
I thought the app was remarkably accurate converting data from a piece of paper and I also managed to get the app to collect data from my laptop screen.

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