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Test driving the new Hot Wheels ID smart cars – Video


Hot Wheels cars have been around for 51 years.
They’re cheap, they’re fast.
They’re all over my kids playroom.
Now Mattel’s making the first Hot Wheels cars that are smart.
Aim to do for your cars.
What a Meebo did for Nintendo Hot Wheels idea NFC enabled cars with stat tracking and a whole new smart track to race on We got to race them here at [UNKNOWN] .Here’s what it’s like to play,each 699 Hot Wheels I.D car has an NFC tag on the bottom that can store data about each race your car builds up an identity the Hell’s making 51 Hot Wheels series one cars in 2019 and plans another 100 in 2020.
The cars can scan right into an NFC equipped iPhone making them the first big toy based use the NFC that we’ve seen on IOS.
This is the most interesting thing about Hot Wheels ID.
Maybe it’s a start of a wave of NFC phone connected toys to come These cars work with a $40 Hot Wheels race portal that has IR sensors NFC and Bluetooth.
It can attach to existing Hot Wheels racetrack pieces, then it can measure your car scale to speed as if it were full size car and it counts laps on your track.
Once scanned in your car can be looked at on a phone or a tablet app.
There are extra games to play of the app, including ones with your virtual car.
For an even more built out smart car experience, a $180 smart track builds an entire racecourse but also can track total mileage of your car and it measures RPM with the launcher Up to six cars can race at a time but it takes some practice to launch your car just right.
We knocked a few into the curtains.
The 16 piece set also works with older Hot Wheels track pieces too.
Hot Wheels ID cards cannot track their stats without the extra accessories.
Mattel may explore a self contained tracking car in the future, or even with video recording features like its previous GoPro ready car, but that isn’t here yet.
Hot Wheels ID connects with iOS now and will work with Android on Prime Day.
$180 Smart tried kit is a pretty pricey gift But Hot Wheels $40 launcher and the $7 cars slide right into a collective connective toy market that already has a lot of competition.
I still love how affordable the original Hot Wheels cars are.
$7 is a little more of a collector’s edition price.
But if you’ve been dreaming of a way to get scale model stats out of your tiny toy cars Hot wheels ID could be your fantasy come true.

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