Top 5 products CNET readers checked out (July 2019) – Video

These are the top five products CNet readers checked out for the month of July.
This month was pretty dang surprising.
Only two phones on the entire list.
Let’s see what captured your attention.
At number five is the Apple iPhone XR.
The most affordable iPhone tech model seems to always be on CNet reader’s minds.
That seems pretty logical.
There are not tons of differences between the 10 are and the 10.
S, the Xs would have been number 18 on this list by the way, that goes to show you how popular a more affordable option can be.
When it has few compromises.
The xR offers face ID a similar design and a larger screen then the 10 PES In this review, Scott Stein said the XR is the best iPhone value in years.
He also used it to chase a pigeon, and that will use any excuse to show that beautiful bird footage.
And number four is not a phone.
It’s the Google nest hub formerly known as the Google Home hub.
The Nest Hub is a smart display that uses Google Assistant along with a small screen.
As an aside, the the Echo Show 5 would’ve been number six on this list.
Maybe people are getting more interested in smart displays as a thing.
The Nest Hub usually starts at around $130, however, it can be found for a lot less online, sometimes as cheap At 60 bucks.
The Google Home, the smart speaker without a screen, has an official price of $100.
You could see why the nest hub is something people would consider purchasing.
And number three is a 2020 4Runner.
As a wise man once said, let’s check the [UNKNOWN] The four runner has the Safety Sense piece up driving tools.
That means that’s pre-collision warning with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning,automatic high beam headlights and high speed adaptive cruise control.
It also supports Alexa, Android Auto and Apple Car play the 20 2400 arrives in August But the pricing isn’t out yet expected to be close to the 2019 model, which started around $37,000.
And number two is the 2019 Tesla Model S long range.
This is the Model S that can go 370 miles on a single charge It borrows some tech from the model three, in particular, the motor and inverted, it is more efficient but more expensive.
There’s also a change to the suspension.
When cnet’s 10 Stevens reviewed this Tesla, he said the right quality is better than the previous s. On top of that, this Model S has the ability to detect if it’s on the highway and drop the car down for lower wind resistance.
That’s apparently a thing now, because of course it is.
Also you can safely leave your dogs in the vehicle.
Thanks to dog mode, you pick a temperature and the car maintains that temperature while the doors are locked.
There’s also a very big notice on the display saying, my owner will be back soon along with the temperature readout.
And a product that’s seen that readers checked out the most is the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus.
I bet this has something to do with all the interest in the upcoming Galaxy Note ten.
The differences between the s plus devices and no phones are starting to diminish.
If you don’t care about the S Pen, the Galaxy S 10 plus seems like a hard to be phone.
It’s got a great Emerald screen, really good cameras and can wirelessly charge another device.
The S 10 plus also packs a huge 41 100 milliamp-hour battery.
In general, the S10 Plus is a beast of a phone.
What tech are you checking out?
Let me know, I’m Iyaz Akhtar, and I’m always looking at headphones.

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