Capital One data breach involves ‘tens of millions’ of credit card applications

Capital One was hacked.

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Data from tens of millions of Capital One credit card applications have been hacked and stolen by a female hacker going by the online name “erratic,” reports the Washington Post.

That data includes “approximately 120,000 Social Security numbers and approximately 77,000 bank account numbers,” according to a complaint filed in federal court in Seattle.

Court records state a woman, real name Paige A. Thompson, was arrested on charges of computer fraud and abuse on Monday. Prosecutors say the hack took place between March 12 and July 17.

Capital One did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This report comes in the wake of news that Equifax may have to pay up to $700 million over a 2017 data breach. That breach involved the Social Security numbers and home addresses of nearly 148 million Americans from Equifax’s servers in a hack that ran from May to July in 2017.

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