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Here’s how to install the Ring Door View Cam on your peephole

Installing the Ring Door View Cam is easier than you’d think.

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The Alexa-enabled $199 Ring Door View Cam ($199 at Crutchfield) looks a lot like previous Ring doorbells, especially the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. But this version has a slimmer profile and is mounted on the center of your door — rather than a doorframe.

The installation is different than for any other Ring doorbell I’ve tested before, but it’s actually a lot simpler. Let’s walk through the process step-by-step and be sure to check out the gallery below for detailed images of each step.

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1. Start by charging the battery, so that it’s ready to use by the time you finish installing the rest of the doorbell.

2. Use the small metal Door View “key” to unscrew your current peephole from the inside of your door. There will be subtle notches in the peephole where you should place the Door View key. Keep turning to loosen the peephole. You may want someone on the other side of your door to hold or “catch” the front section of the peephole.

3. Remove both sides of the peephole and set them aside.

4. Connect the outside portion of the Door View Cam to the peephole opening and press the new peephole through it.

5. If the peephole opening is larger than the one attached to the Door View Cam, use the Ring peephole extender. It’s included in the box, although I didn’t need to use it with this door.

6. Install the inside portion of the Door View Cam by connecting the baseplate section of the inside mount to the door. It helps to have someone outside holding the camera in place while you do this.

7. Remove the connector cable from the peephole. The connector cable is already attached to the Door View Cam, and should be simple to remove.

8. Connect the “tightening nut” onto the peephole from the inside of the door by turning it clockwise.

9. Attach the connector cable to the baseplate and install the battery (if it’s fully charged).

10. Line up the faceplate with the baseplate and press until it connects. The faceplate has a built-in privacy screen. 

Installing the Door View Cam is oh so simple.

Lauren Routt/CNET

And that’s it — you’re done with the initial installation. While the steps are different than for other Ring doorbells, it’s a simple process that doesn’t require power tools, screwdrivers or any other equipment. 

But you aren’t quite done yet. Be sure to download the Ring app to set up your camera, including getting it on your local Wi-Fi network and customizing the settings. 

Still have questions? Check out my full review of the Ring Door View Cam.

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How to install the Ring Door View Cam


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