Capital One breach sparks investigation, first Android Auto update in years – Video

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The Capital One customer breach has sparked a massive investigation by the New York Attorney General.
The hack affected people who applied for a credit card over the last 14 years, exposing sensitive data like social security numbers, bank account information, and more.
The hacker turned out to be 33 year old Paige Thompson, a former Amazon Web Services employee.
Apple is teaming up with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter on a project to build an easier way for people to transfer data into and out of online services.
Officially called the Data Transfer Project The initiative plans to build a common open source framework designed for any two platforms to seamlessly transfer sensitive data.
And finally, we’re getting the first major update to Google’s automotive interface in five years.
Android Auto hasn’t changed much since its 2015 debut But it will now feature a slick multitasking system, and a focus on utilizing the bottom bar for quick access.
Look for the next generation of Android Auto rolling out to users over the next few weeks.
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