Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 could be the fanciest Android tablet – Video

Samsung’s S Pen stylus is used for more than its note phones, it’s also used for Samsung Galaxy Tablets.
The Galaxy Tab S4 debuted last year with an S PAN and multi monitor software known as Dex, the new Galaxy Tab S6 has debuted and introduces a lot of new features that push it over the top and may make it worth your while if you’re looking for an android.
Through a tablet.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 has a faster Snapdragon 855 processor and the base model, has six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage for 649.
Step model, has eight gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage for 729.
One cool thing on this new tablet is that it’s got a new keyboard with a trackpad.
So now, kind of like a Windows laptop Or Chromebook.
You can use it to control apps more easily and in particular with Samsung decks.
Samsung’s had this multi screen capability to allow you to plug in phones and tablets and look at browsers in Windows kinda like you would on a surface or a chromebook or a PC a lot more easily.
That’s the sort of stuff that’s not available on an iPad.
And becomes increasingly useful with something like a trackpad.
DeX doesn’t work perfectly with all apps.
But it works better with more apps than you might think.
There are also new function keys on the keyboard including one that launches DeX automatically.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 also has a dual camera on the back.
That’s new compared to the single camera on the Galaxy Tab S4.
So expect some extra zoom.
And onboard processing tricks similar to the phones.
The Snapdragon 855 processor should be significantly faster.
Samsung says that it’s 81% faster for processing power, 68% faster for graphics.
And as far as gaming is concerned, there’s also built in support for Discord in its gaming hub launcher so that you’ll be able to get to that faster.
The 10.5 inches super amoled display has thinner bezels this time but its still pretty similarly size compare to the tab S4.
And also has AKG sound with Dolby Atmos like the previous model.
One thing that’s new an under screen finger print reader.
Now the galaxy S10 phone uses ultra sonic to do that.
This one is optical.
Technology is a little bit different but the idea is the same.
Using the keyboard for just a few moments felt pretty nice although the trackpad sometimes didn’t scroll as smoothly as I’d like.
The design of it is similar to the Microsoft Surface in that there’s a kickstand and the keyboard is meant to rest on a table where you put the s pen.
Well if you use that back cover.
The s pen magnetically attaches to the back of the tablet and then the cover.
Nicely lazen nezzles around it.
While the iPad has been a rock solid tablets, there haven’t been a lot of great Android tablets.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab X6 looks like it’s going to set up a lot of features to push it over the top, to maybe make it worth your while if you’re looking for one.

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