How does the Galaxy Note 10 get out of the Fold’s shadow? (The Daily Charge, 8/5/2019) – Video

Today on The Daily charge is Touch ID making a comeback silencing Alexis listening habits and how big a splash with the Galaxy Note 10.
Cnet’s daily charge it is Monday August 5.
I’m operating.
I’m Ben Fox urban.
Let’s take a look at today’s headlines.
You miss your touch ID iPhone 10 Apple look to retire the fingerprint reader in favor of face ID which uses facial recognition to unlock your iOS devices instead.
Now there’s rumors touch it will return by 2021 according to Apple analysts main cheek Whoa, this will be in display like what the Samsung Galaxy S 10 has.
Is this something Apple’s been trying to do for a while now?
Yes I mean like you can already get it in the one plus phones this year and also the Samsung s10.
So this is yet another example of Apple coming late to the party with new technology.
But what’s new.
I mean do you know why it is that that you know they have it.
But Apple doesn’t.
That’s a good question.
According to some of the stories, Apple is struggling with their own type of technology, whereas there are some other folks that have already figured out how to do it.
But yeah, I think they will eventually do it.
But at the same time, a lot of people that use Apple have now moved on to Face ID so we’ll see if it’s a big selling.>> Yeah, I was wondering why even bother bringing this, Back face it supposed to be this new standard.
There’s all these commercials about how quick face ID is now.
Yeah, that’s a good point.
I think maybe it’s just for consumer options.
But at the same time with like my Samsung Galaxy S8, there are so many different options to unlock the phone.
It gets kind of confusing.
So yeah,
Next up Amazon announced on Friday that will now let you opt out of having people reviewing your Alexa recordings.
This comes after multiple stories highlighting that tech giants like Google, Amazon and Apple were having humans listening to their conversations with voice assistance.
They do this to train the voice assistant.
The AI doesn’t get better on its own.
It needs real people to tell it when it makes a mistake and learn from those errors.
The problem is not a lot of people knew that this was going on.
And there were often private conversations with personal details that these people were listening to.
Apple and Google said they were taking the same steps.
Are you going to be opting out Ben?
I already did.
I mean I opted out pretty quickly actually and at the same time there was a toggle that requested people that use the echo if you could if you wanted to be involved in the development of new features.
I had already opted out of that a while ago.
Now in addition to that, if you toggle that off now you’re not gonna be included in the workflow for manual review which is there.
I guess.
It’s a huge euphemism for people actually listening to your recording
Do you think that all of these should be opt in instead where like I don’t have to go to my settings and say please don’t listen to me.
Fantastic question we talked about you know, those that’s that’s choice engineering, where opt in and opt out are there’s there’s huge variations between those two.
This is also not that easy to find these settings, you really have to dig through the likes of privacy.
Requirements, so this is a feel good step for a lot of consumers that may have read about this but I do often wonder how many people go through and actually then move forward with an opt out.
And finally today’s main story we’re set to see a new Galaxy Note 10 this Wednesday.
It used to be the hot new phone on the block but as foldables are making their debut, it might be losing some of that shine.
Ben, does it make sense to shell out all that money still for the Note 10 when the Fold is really right around the corner?
Yeah, if you’re a big Note enthusiast, there’s probably two reasons why you would wanna buy the Note instead of waiting for the Fold.
One of them is is that the Fold does not have a stylus, which is really interesting cuz you’re paying $2000 for this damn thing and it opens up and it’s this big beautiful screen but, hey, no stylus.
And the other reason is that you know what?
I don’t even remember.
That’s a good enough reason.
I’m sticking with that one.
Yeah, our [INAUDIBLE] wrote an analysis on this talking about how the fold will basically be cast this major shadow over the note.
Were the note is kind of like this weird middle child between the
The fold and the Galaxy S10 like Ron where they’re very similar.
Like the big difference being the pen itself and you know the features not being that different for somebody to like want to pay for their note 10 instead.
So okay.
I remember my other point my other point is is that the galaxy fold is still an only in their first generation.
So if you are going to buy it you’re gonna be spending a lot more money.
Than you would on the note and arguably it’s probably going to be a lot glitchy.
Yeah if you wanna learn more about these storys, please check the links below for the daily charge.
I’m Alpha [UNKNOWN].
I’m Ben Foxworth.
Thanks for listening.

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