Make calls on your PC with Samsung DeX – Video

Today, we’re excited to announce a major new partnership with our good friends at Microsoft.
We’re integrating new services into the [UNKNOWN] and really unifying the PC to mobile experience.
To tell us more, please welcome from Microsoft Shilpa Ranganathan.>>With the note 10.
We worked with Samsung to integrate the link to Windows button right in the quick panel.
So if you can see it here I have actually linked my PC to my Galaxy Note 10, it provides me with a seamless way to connect my note 10 to my Windows PC.
And once you’re linked, you will have access to your most recent texts., Notifications, pictures, and much more from inside your your phone app.
I can now reply to my texts.
I can also include a picture that I’ve recently taken on my phone into this message and send it away.
I can use my full keyboard.
Notifications from my phone are mirrored on my PC.
These notifications are natively integrated into Windows.
I have a friend here sending me a message here on my phone.
You see the notification being mirrored here.
I can either reply online here or I can simply click the notification to be able to get my entire phone screen mirrored onto my PC.
Now I can use my keyboard and my mouse like I showed you but my favorite way to interact is using touch.
So I’m able to swipe up.
I can look at all of the apps I have there.
I can go into one of my pictures.
So the picture you just saw, I’m able to pinch and zoom as well.
And if people send me messages with pictures in them, I can do that exact same thing as well.
I’m really excited to announce that later this year we will be enabling you to make and receive calls as well directly from your PC.

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