Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Is it worth the upgrade?

The very shiny new Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G phone.

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The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is looking like a big update to last year’s Note 9. The bigger screens, the new S Pen gestures combined with carryover features from the Galaxy S10 phones like the in-screen fingerprint reader could very well tempt a holder of the Note 8 or Note 9 to the newer phone.

Before jumping in, let me tell you a brief story about how I went from using the Google Pixel 2 XL to a Galaxy Note 8.

I was sitting at a bar with my Pixel 2 XL. I wanted to do some mind mapping and jot down some ideas. I borrowed a pen and got to writing on bar napkins. The thoughts flew from pen to napkins. 

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How does the latest Note compare to the previous versions?


Then I started staring at my phone and the napkins. I thought, “Why can’t I just write on my phone?” The Pixel 2 XL also suffered from some screen quality issues that I could not unsee. So, I took a look at a friend’s Note 8 and I was sold. 

One return later and I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as my daily driver for a while now. I resisted the urge to upgrade to the Note 9 because I just didn’t see it as a significant update. The Note 10 seems like a different story.  

I attended Tuesday’s reveal of the Galaxy Note 10, and in this week’s Alphabet City video embedded here, I go over the new announcements to break down what’s worth looking forward to in Samsung’s new larger phones.


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