Samsung quietly pulls ads mocking Apple’s killing of headphone jack after following suit

The headphone jack is no more on the Galaxy Note 10.

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Samsung would rather you forget that it mocked Apple for killing the headphone jack in a 2017 ad. Now that its Galaxy Note 10 phones have also done away with the headphone jack, Samsung appears to be quietly deleting an ad called “Growing Up” from its YouTube channels.

The video shows an iPhone user getting increasingly annoyed at each new iPhone feature holding him back, including the fact that he now has to use a dongle to connect headphones to his device. He finds peace after switching to a Samsung Galaxy phone.

But the ad can no longer be found on some of Samsung’s YouTube channels, including Samsung’s US page and the main Samsung channel, Business Insider reported Thursday. The Samsung Mobile USA YouTube page that hosted the video can still be seen using the Wayback Machine.

Samsung and Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Samsung has regularly poked fun at Apple for everything from its delayed embrace of larger phones to the cult that seemingly surrounds the brand. Apple has also given the South Korean company a taste of its own medicine, rolling out a “switch to iPhone” campaign following the launch of the Galaxy S9 and running ads insisting that iOS is more secure than Android.

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