Samsung unveils Galaxy Book S – Video

I’m so excited to introduce you to the next and newest member of the Galaxy family.
It’s a device that’s gonna usher in a new era for mobile productivity.
The Galaxy Book S.
It really is a beautiful device.
Super slim, ultra light, and it comes in two stunning colors.
It’s got a gorgeous 13 inch touchscreen, perfect for watching movies or getting work done on the go.
Now, it looks like a laptop, but it’s got the essence of a smartphone.
The best of both worlds, thanks to our friends at Microsoft and Qualcomm.
In fact, the CEO of Qualcomm, Steven Mollenkopf, is here today.
Everyone say hi to Steve.
Thanks for being here.
And thanks to Qualcomm, the Galaxy Book S has a powerful mobile chip set with LD connectivity That means you have the freedom to work anywhere, anytime.
Look, your phones are always connected.
So why wouldn’t you want that for your PC?
Well, with the Galaxy Book S you get just that, a secure dedicated connection.
And it runs Windows 10.
So you get all the benefits of a PC environment, including Microsoft Office and the Your Phone app that [INAUDIBLE] showed you earlier.
And this new level of partnership is just the beginning.
The Galaxy Book S represents the power of mobile computing.
And it keeps up with you all day long.
Its super powerful battery lasts 23 hours.
So, if you’re going camping overnight and you wanna take a Galaxy Book S.
You don’t even have to take your charger with you.
And yes, I’m one of those guys.
I know I should be roasting marshmallows but that’s a conversation for another time.
And when I do need to plug in, I don’t have to carry around a separate heavy charger.
I can just use the same one as my note 10.
The Galaxy book s is the perfect device for people who want to get things done on the run.
It will be available starting at 999 beginning in September.

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