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Adventuring in a live Dungeons and Dragons campaign at Gen Con – Video

Hi, I’m Andrew Gebhart and I’m here at Gen Con which is this huge board gaming convention in Indianapolis, Indiana and we’re checking out this game called True Dungeon which is a mix of dungeons and dragons in an escape room but you actually play it in real life.
You get to act the part of a warrior or a rogue.
And it’s this really unique experience but here is the catch, you can only do it roughly five times a year.
Hi Andrew, Andrew, are you one of the interpreters supposed to go into the Temple of Black Thorn?
Yeah, I am definitely an explorer looking to go into Black Thorn, yes, that sounds terriffic.
Let’s combine our quests.>> Let’s do it, we should combine our quests.
Well being an MBC game master means that I travel with the Adventures through the dungeon, helping them through each room.
I heard these leaves have a path on them.
What don’t you go grab one?
The leaves.
I give them clues.
I cast spells.
I maybe heal if need be to help them experience it to the best of their abilities.
I’m there as the all-around catchall.
Grab a leaf, so there’s a code here on the wall to navigate the trapped floor here, but the leaves have a path that can help me.
And I see, so it’s 4 by 4 so if I walk this way, and if I step on the wrong one I explode from my understanding so hopefully I don’t explode.
Because again, this is real as far as I understand.
If I mess this up I’m dead.
Okay, I can, all right.
I can interpret a leaf.
I wasn’t very good at those other question there.
But at the very least.
I can read a map.
Now let’s say you’re successful, this room has a hidden door that pops open and you move on to the next step in your adventure.
Okay, so this is kind of a maze, and I need to pick which path I’m going on.
So I’m gonna go to the right because that one looks so straightforward, I don’t trust it.
[UNKNOWN] hope I will see and this apparently I’m also [UNKNOWN] infront and this is very much a dead end.
Okay, so I don’t know if, my goodness look at this thing.
Obviously okay.
This is the thing gonna eat me if I offer [UNKNOWN]?
Offer a fifty?
And then we’re just gonna put the wallet down and that has, there we go.
So rogue no, barbarian no, briber, yes.
This is something that I can do as a dungeon crawler is successfully bribed.
Scary looking things and do not eating me.
Man, this is a long hallway that is not frightening me at all.
I’m happy to report I am not frightened at all That look you saw was not one of fright.
It was of bravery.
And then I’m moving in here and have not- There’s skulls!
There’s skulls on the bricks here.
That’s really cool.
Would you like to go inside to see the true magic of the room?
Say, abi dabi nibo too.
Abi dabi nibo too.
[SOUND] Voila, okay, so now it’s back.
And I need to turn the skulls.
So it’s a puzzle [LAUGH] and you turn the skulls And then there is there’s a puzzle here on the wall and it seems like a real so the color of the skulls on the door are red.
So you have to turn these skulls at to somehow make them show up red.
And let’s move on.
We’re moving on to the next room.
Okay, so we’re in this room, and you can see a group actually working together to try to solve a puzzle.
Now they’re putting the various diamonds into what looks like a sarcophagus.
And they need to work together to do it.
And if they do it They’re gonna be able to then move on to the next room.
And you’ll notice that the skulls here are gonna light up similar to the skills above the door, similar to the skulls in the other room that we traversed through to sort of keep the theme of the dungeon going.
So, again, team-based puzzle solving.
So in this room there’s a creature with the head of a woman and the body of a snake.
And there she is, two swords in hands.
And the creatures are going to have to fight this creature.
So this experience was really cool.
Again, sort of like Dungeons and Dragons come to life, but you can only play it five times a year at five different conventions.
So look it up if you’re interested, but get ready to jump on those tickets.

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