Samsung reveals 108-megapixel image sensor, Ninja blasts Twitch – Video

This is CNET and here the stories that matter right now, Samsung is looking to the future of cameras with its 108 megapixel mobile image sensor.
It’s calling the ISO cell bright HMX on paper that will allow for 108 megapixel photos and brightly lit settings.
Along with the flexibility of the 27 mega pixie images in low light situation.
In terms of video the sensor can shoot 6k movies at 30 frames per second.
One of the world’s most popular game streamers Ninja, it’s airing it’s grievances with Twitch after pornography appeared on its offline channel last Sunday After Ninja left the platform for Mixer, he says Twitch had been using his offline page to promote other content.
And finally, the UK’s crackdown on toxic online content will soon mean fines, restrictions, or suspensions for tech companies Have failed to take action.
Under the new rules to be introduced next year, tech companies would need to pay up to 5 percent of their revenue, even face streaming halts, if they dont remove certain content.
In April, the government announced it would unleash the world’s first independent regulator to keep social media companies in check.
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