Disney Plus preorders offer a big discount, but there’s a catch (The Daily Charge, 8/27/2019) – Video

Today on the Daily Charge, the ever growing and developing world of 5G, rundown of prices, plans and dates for Disney+, and the mystery of the Steve Jobs look-alike.
Good morning and welcome to CNET’s Daily Charge.
I’m Joni Salzman.
I’m Alfred Ng.
It’s Tueday, August 27th.
Let’s take a look at today’s main story.
[SOUND] Famed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in 2011.
Nothing new there.
But a photo of a man who looks shockingly like him has gone viral, prompting conspiracy theories that Jobs may still be alive.
And living in Egypt.
To be clear, [UNKNOWN] years ago from pancreatic cancer.
So none of these conspiracy theories are true but some of them are kinda funny.
I like the one that had the idea that’s Steve Jobs would come back to Apple and launch a product.
I’m alive, I’m alive.
How are people on the Internet so dumb?
I’m so mad.
It’s not just on the Internet, I mean people everywhere.
I get so mad every day when I see stuff like this.
It’s just I grew up with the conspiracy theory that Tupac was still alive and then he came back as a hologram.
Maybe that is what Steve Jobs will end up doing one day, but it’s just I don’t understand this.
people look alike, that’s really it.
I don’t understand why Well, part of it is, I mean, there is a subsection of people that think it might be true.
I mean, we got like Apple is like there’s a cult sort of falling for Steve Jobs.
So when you’re the possibility that your literal Messiah could be coming God could excite some people.
There’s that, but I think mostly people just like to joke about him.
Is he behind this new company that Johnny Ives.
HAs jumped ship to?
Maybe that’s.
We shouldn’t insert that into the conspiracy theory for sure.
Next up, The same 5G networks coming to our phones will also be beaming into cars so they can talk amongst themselves.
CVTX is a communications technology using the same 5G networks to let cars communicate with each other with traffic signals and with other roadside gear.
So the point of this is that 5G will allow cars if they communicate with each other, it improves functionality, improve safety.
Your security supporter when things are talking amongst themselves over connected networks that introduces security risk
Yeah and it also basically means that other cars are gonna be able to snitch on your car.
So right now there’s a ongoing lawsuit that looks at the black box in your car and the infotainment system that Police are trying to use as evidence in court cases, the argument is whether or not they can get that data without a warrant.
Because they can get stuff from the car after an accident without a warrant but, data associated to, the music you’ve listened to, your contacts, that kind of thing.
Right now it’s not clear or not they need a warrant for that data or not, but that tells a lot about your driving habits and that’s why insurance companies want it a lot.
Now imagine if that car can spread that information to other cars that are just near it.
Or even just like a traffic light that you pass.
The 87 traffic lights of course.
And even if you know your car is not like telling that info if it’s communicating with other cars like police can just get that from another car that has nothing to do with this case.
So I’m loving it.
Everyone’s a snitch now.
And it’s all digitally recorded.
Right, I mean, it brings up this double-edged sword that’s happening a lot.
I think the world, at large, is coming to grips with some of the downsides of technology.
It’s that with convenience comes something.
Yeah, and lately a lot of it is security.
Yeah, and finally, Disney+ is still three months away from launching but the company opened up discounted pre-orders this week.
The only catch is you have to pay for three years up front.
Disney+, of course is like the Netflix version of Disney where they’re gonna have all Disney stuff together in one streaming.
I think I know the answer to this.
Do you like the appeal?
How much is the discount?
So the discount is you pay for
Normally us month a month subscription will be $7.
If you pay up front now, the month to month price would be like $3 and 92 cents.
So it’s a significant discount, but.
But you end up spending more.
Locked in for three years.
If you wanted to quit before three years.
Yes, yeah.
This is it’s definitely only for people who are like legitimately thinking it’s like [UNKNOWN]
It’s like getting one of those like two for one deals when you know you only need one and you’re gonna spend more money on like twice of it anyway it’s like if you’re if you know you’re gonna be there for three years now.
Sure, go ahead and get it right like don’t get it just because there’s a discount like attached to it
Cuz you’re gonna spend more money if you don’t want it for three years.
But I mean, of all the offerings that have been coming out lately with everyone splintering off into their own, we’re making our own streaming service.
I honestly think that like Disney Plus like Looks like they have the most to offer.
Like, outside of CBS All Access.
All right, so I have to give the disclosure.
CNET is owned by CBS, and so that’s that.
Yeah, I mean, just the shows on it are amazing.
But yeah, outside of CBS All Access, I would probably say Disney+ is giving the most bang for your buck here.
It’s cheaper than Netflix already,
And like Netflix isn’t even gonna have the office in two years.
Yeah, Netflix has a lot of other things beside the office.
You know what Frinch, get out of here.
[LAUGH] Anyway I’m for the Daily Charge, I’m Joni Salsman.
I’m Afred Hank drink lots of some water.
[LAUGH] Thanks for listening.
Watch and join us again.

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