Don’t let the Steve Jobs conspiracy theory fake you out – Video

Famed Apple co founder Steve Jobs died in 2011 nothing new there.
But a photo of a man who looks shockingly like him has gone viral prompting conspiracy theories that Jobs may still be alive and living in Egypt.
To be clear Steve Jobs died eight years ago from pancreatic cancer, so non of this conspiracy theories are true.
But some of them are kind of funny.
I liked the one that, Had the idea of Steve Jobs come back to Apple and launch a product, I’m alive?
I’m alive.
How the people on the internet so dumb?
I’m so mad.
Is not just on the internet I mean people everywhere.
I get so mad every day when I see stuff like this, it’s just.
I grew up with the conspiracy theory that Tupac was still alive and then he came back as a hologram.
Maybe that is what Steve Jobs will end up doing one day but it’s just I don’t understand this like people look alike.
That’s really I don’t understand why.
Well part of it is, I mean there is a subsection of people that think it might be true.
I mean we’ve got like, Apple is like, there’s a cult sort of following for Steve Jobs.
So the possibility that your literal Mosiah could be coming down could excite some people.
There’s that but I think must of people just like to joke about it.
Is it behind this new company that Jhonny Ibs [LAUGH] it’s jump [UNKNOWN].
Maybe maybe that’s always insert that to conspirancy theory around that for sure.

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