Facebook may hide ‘like’ counts after it got us all addicted – Video

Facebook, maybe the world’s most powerful force addicting us to gobbling up those likes on our posts, making them go higher and higher, but it’s considering hiding like counts.
The company already tested a similar move on Instagram in August.
So this is all part of.
Digital health, right?
This idea that it’s not healthy for us to be constantly trolling and feeding this need for likes.
But Facebook is the one that kind of pioneered it across the globe.
Yeah they are often site and when we talk about dark patterns which are ways that pages are designed to make you keep coming back to there’s a reason why the notification is an annoying read on Facebook page.
And not you know a color that that doesn’t bother you when it’s just angering on your page.
So much Right.
There are studies on people getting some kind of like a dopamine rush whenever they do get like a like or retweet or share on their post or something like that.
And, a lot of people have noted that this is a step in the right direction to kind of hide that.
So you’re not like constantly reminded to click on the app and keep looking back at it.
Right, yeah and also, not only just engagement also It feeds into like self worth and self appreciation when you see somebody else’s posts, or even just friend counts, which they’re not talking about here.
It’s really just talking about a test for like counts.
Those sort of numbers have led to people self assessing their own self.
Yeah, I, I remember I would delete photos if I knew if I didn’t get like more than ten ->> Right
On Instagram for a while.
So I kinda shifted myself out of that and I made like another Instagram page where it has no followers and I don’t follow anybody on it, I just post stuff on it.
It gets no likes or anything like that but it’s very liberating like to break myself out of that chain.
Yeah, yeah.
[UNKNOWN] would just be not uploading photos [UNKNOWN] come on.
[UNKNOWN] can’t do that.

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