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Halloween 2019: The coolest costumes you can get on Amazon


MYanimec via Amazon

Finding a really great Halloween outfit or even coming up with costume ideas can be tough. There are just soooo many options to choose from these days.

Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed it down to these six best Halloween costumes — plus a bonus adorable getup for your dog.

Below, we’ve listed our favorite wear for this spooky season and beyond. From superhero costumes to adult Halloween costumes to Star Wars characters, continue reading for images and ideas for the best Halloween costumes in 2019 — and start your costume shopping now before it’s too late.

Dressing up like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man doesn’t get much better than this. 

Made completely out of spandex, this superhero suit is perfect for Halloween, cosplaying or just web-swinging around town.

The costume comes in six different versions — from the classic red-and-blue Spidey superhero suit to the Into the Spider-Verse-inspired Miles Morales getup.

An Amazon reviewer says that the costume is an “awesome product … my son loves it.”

Rubie’s via Amazon

This Halloween, dress as Thanos, the ultimate Avengers villain. This deluxe four-piece costume comes complete with the perfect accessory — the Infinity Gauntlet. And, thanks to the mask, at least you don’t need to wear face paint or makeup. Just be careful not to snap. You don’t want to turn half of your party guests into dust.

damofy via Amazon

Riverdale season 4 returns just in time for Halloween this year. You’ll be the baddest baddie at the party in this faux leather jacket with the Southside Serpents patch embroidered on the back. 

You’ll have to pack your own Pixy Stix, though.

Dinosaurs won’t be extinct while you’re rocking this inflatable T. rex costume.

This ensemble requires four AA batteries to stay inflated and intimidating.

This is the king of cute Halloween costumes, and it currently has a four-star rating.

An Amazon reviewer purchased this prehistoric costume “for a friend … and she loves it.”

MYanimec via Amazon

This unisex Gwen Stacy spandex jumpsuit comes in 11 different sizes for both kids and adults. With advance notice, the seller also can make bodysuits in perfect custom sizes. 

One reviewer noted that “You can also use a touch screen with the gloves,” so you can Instagram Halloween night from start to finish. 

Wecos via Amazon

In December, the final entry in Star Wars’ Skywalker Saga will be released in theaters.

Before Episode IX blows our collective minds, stock up on Jedi robes and destroy Halloween as one of your force-wielding warriors.

One Padawan buyer wrote, “The costume is well made and fits well. Looks good!”

Tomsenn via Amazon

Don’t leave your puppy out of the party (though you might need to bribe him with peanut butter to get him to join in). 

Who needs a doggy princess or unicorn costume? Dress your dog up like the freaking king of the jungle with this adorably cute and fierce lion mane.

The costume — with a rating of 4.5 stars — is labeled as a No. 1 best seller on Amazon.

An Amazon reviewer said, “This has been my all-time favorite Amazon purchase thus far.” So what are you waiting for?

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