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Google refreshes Nest Aware prices – Video

One of our core products is Nest Aware, which combined with our Nest camps provides intelligent alerts and camera history.
Now lots of our users have multiple cameras, and we’ve heard from you that our Nest Aware pricing can be expensive and complicated, so today we’re announcing a new whole home pricing model.
For one monthly rate, you get nest aware support across all your devices in your home.
So whether you have two cameras you have 10 cameras, you pay the same monthly rate.
And you can choose between two different pricing plans, depending on your needs.
We even added more video history.
The new Nesta will be rolling out early next year, it’ll be easy to switch over your existing plan.
Now as part of the new nest aware subscription, we’re also unlocking the power of speakers and displays to be part of your home awareness system.
So devices like nest mini or nest hub Computer ears, when you’re on the road or on vacation.
We use on device AI, sound detection AI, to pick up critical sounds like barking dogs, or smoking carbon monoxide alarms, and we send an alert to your phone.
So now in one go even those basic smoke alarms, become smart smoke alarms.
And when you get an alert, you have the option to hear the alert, or listen live to confirm the alarm.
Now if it is an emergency, the whole map can see, the whole map can directly connect you to the 911 call center, closest to you, regardless of where in the world you are.
So in those critical moments, the last thing you want to do is scramble to find a local emergency dispatcher.
Now these notifications will be part of the new home app, which actually includes a new feature called the home feed.
It brings together all the notifications and snippets from your devices, organizes them and highlights the important stuff.
So you can quickly see priority items, or you get a general recap of the day.
So that’s the new Nest Aware, more affordable with more features and support for more devices.

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