How to cook recipes from Tasty with Alexa

You can now access Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipes on your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. 

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If you often find yourself pausing mid-social media scroll to watch one of Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos, thinking wistfully “I’m going to make that,” knowing full well that you are not motivated enough to do so (just me?), a new partnership with Alexa might help you move from video to actual kitchen.

Thousands of Tasty recipes and cooking videos are now available on Alexa, in a new format that helps you get step-by-step voice and video recipe instructions, along with the ability to add ingredients to your shopping list and save your favorite recipes with your voice, according to a press email. 

Here’s an example of how to cook a Tasty recipe with Alexa:

1. Say, “Alexa, find me Thanksgiving recipes from Tasty.” 

2. Select the recipe you want by saying “Alexa, number three.” 

3. To start a recipe, say, “Alexa, start recipe.” Alexa will read instructions one step at a time. If you’re using a device with a screen, the instructions and ingredients needed for each step will appear as text on the left side, while the corresponding part of the Tasty video will play on a loop on the right side. 

4. Ask Alexa to read off ingredients by saying, “Alexa, ingredients.” 

5. Move from step to step by saying “Alexa, next step,” or “Alexa, previous step.” 

6. To save an ingredient or a recipe, say “Alexa, add this to shopping list,” or “Alexa, save recipe,” from the recipe. 

Tasty recipes are available on all Alexa devices. Tasty cooking videos are available on Echo Show devices. 

Want another option for a kitchen assistant? Check out the Food Network Kitchen Alexa app lets you take live cooking classes with Martha Stewart

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