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The best fitness and wellness gifts under $100

Taking care of your well-being can mean working out, getting quality sleep, managing your stress levels, or just making sure you drink enough water. If you have wellness-minded friends, they’re probably passionate about all of the above — and more than likely always on the lookout for items that will make their life healthier and happier. That’s why a gift that shows that you care about their well-being is about as meaningful as you can get. 

Whether your friends are working on their fitness or trying to hack their bedtime routine, there’s a perfect present out there for them. Below, check out 13 of our favorite wellness-related gifts this year.


Not only is this white-noise sound machine designed with a real fan inside (so you don’t have to worry about crackling or awkwardly looping tracks), it’s portable, too, meaning your friends can get a good night’s sleep wherever they go. With a corresponding app that allows the user to adjust between the 10 volume settings remotely, the Snooz should be able lull even the lightest sleeper to dreamland. 


This beanie fits snugly on the head and is double-layered for warmth and coziness, but its breathable Merino fabric keeps air flowing in order to avoid a dreaded sweaty head. It’s even lightweight enough to layer with a hood or another hat for especially frigid mornings.


Great for hot or cold beverages and compatible with five different types of caps, this vacuum-sealed bottle from Yeti is about as versatile as it gets — making it a perfect candidate to replace your friend’s single-use coffee cups and plastic water bottles.


Fuel on the go doesn’t have to be bland and boring — it can be a sumptuous nut butter bar, a chewy oat bar or a vegan ginger peach bar, all of which you can find in Mouth’s bar gift box. Featuring six bars in total, this box should give your friends a much-needed respite from their regular bland trail mix.

Black Mountain Products

This set of five resistance bands is extremely travel-friendly and offers a wide enough range of resistances to meet anyone’s level. Plus, the included exercise manual and door anchor make it easy to set up so you can work out at home, in a hotel room or at the gym. 


Gifting your friend a subscription to meditation app Headspace means potentially giving the gift of better sleep, lower blood pressure and overall reduced levels of stress. A yearlong subscription comes in right at the $100 limit, but one month of Headspace only costs $12.99 if you want to give your friend a shorter trial period before committing to the meditation lifestyle.


CNET’s overall pick for best essential oil diffuser on Amazon can run for 10 hours, emitting cool mist as quietly as a whisper. Not only can it imbue any room with the soothing scent of your favorite essential oil, its 15 lighting modes and sleek exterior design make it lovely to look at, too. 


Whether your friends are filling up at the office water cooler or at the banks of a stream in the backcountry, they can rest easily knowing that they’re drinking clean water from a LARQ bottle, which the company says is the only bottle that can purify water with UV light technology on the go.


YnM’s weighted blanket made CNET’s best-of list for its wide range of weight options (from 5 to 25 pounds), breathable design and reasonable price. If your friends are always complaining about their low-quality shut-eye and racing thoughts before bedtime, the comforting pressure of a weighted blanket could help them get a good night’s sleep.


This itty-bitty hip pack is big enough to hold a set of keys and a phone, but light enough that it won’t weigh down the wearer. And, if your friends get caught in the rain, their stuff will stay dry thanks to the pack’s durable water repellent finish. 


Unlike your average mat bag or sling, Aurorae’s backpack is made to carry everything in one place, including a change of clothes, a water bottle, a laptop and, yes, a yoga mat itself. And its design is made with travel in mind, whether your friend walks, bikes or drives to the studio.


If Icebreaker’s beanie wasn’t enough to keep your jogging pals warm through the winter, gift them a pair of Smartwool’s running socks that are as lightweight as they are toasty. Made specifically with runners in mind, these socks are flexible enough to move with the wearer’s ankles and feet, but still plenty durable.


This alarm clock simulates the gradual, warm light of a sunrise, without necessarily waking the user up at the crack of dawn. It offers a wide variety of alarms sounds as well, from birdsong to wind chimes, to allow your friends to slowly greet the day without being jarred awake.

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