Samsung One UI 2 tour with new Galaxy foldable flip phone tease – Video

I’m at the Samsung developer conference holding a Galaxy Note 10 running the new one UI to but you know, I can’t.
I can’t even talk about that right now, because when Samson was presenting this to us, they totally tease the brand new folding phone.
It’s like a flip phone that folds into a square that fits in your pocket, but we’ll talk more about that in a second and Motorola, what does that mean for you?
Okay, but Let’s get to One UI2.
One UI2 ties all this together, I promise.
It’s gonna on all of Samsung’s phones, whether they fold or not, as well as their watches, as well as their tablets.
One UI2 brings a slew of new features, including dark mode for the lock and home screen, brightness awareness, moving icons for your app.
Wait till you see that one, as well as smaller notification windows for when you’re watching videos and games.
I mean, but still come one that folding phone though.
I can’t stop thinking about it.
So one UI was all about having a screen.
Have a top part for viewing and a bottom part for interacting, like typing, swiping, pinching, all those things When you It takes a step further.
So now for example, if I’m on the home screen, I go to open a folder, the folder opens on the bottom half of the screen, whereas when you IML phone, the folder goes all the way to the top of the screen so it makes reach ability becomes a little bit of an issue.
So here they are side by side.
So notice Not only is the folder easier to reach on the left phone which is running one UI to.
But also how again, it’s really easy to identify the name of the folder, what’s in the folder.
one new thing is called dark mode, which technically isn’t a new thing.
It’s basically the same as one new eyes nightmare of last year.
And the way that works is if you have a picture.
For example, in this one, you can still read the temperature here and if I lock the phone You can see that the date and time but it kind of gets split into my hair.
Now, I can go in here and grab a different photo.
Let’s say I have this one’s all white, and I want to make that my wallpaper.
The phone actually analyzes the image to figure out if it’s darker lights and now, And the person behind that is herring.
It’s a tough name to pronounce, a grizzly bear.
He’s the one that’s working with someone to file a claim and he’s been in the media say that this is a problem.
Geez, refuted it, but he’s filed.
What’s the glow claim?
On the old one, again, this is running one UI.
It stays thin.
One of the more interesting features of one UI2 is the way it handles notifications.
So, if I’m watching a video or playing a game and I get a notification, it’s not gonna take up the entire screen and disrupt me, in fact, it’s just gonna pop like that in a very thin line.
Word up, it doesn’t interrupt my YouTube.
Okay, one of the coolest things is a moving icon, so they demo this- I can’t show it on here- but they showed it on their smart things act.
For example, they have a robot vacuum sweeping my floor.
The little icon of the robot vacuum will be moving within the badge icon circle.
I mean how cool is that?
It’s a lot of fun.
Or if you’re in settings and you’re downloading a new system update you’ll see the gears of the update downloading.
It’s reminiscent of another operating system, but still that’s really cool.
But let’s talk about this foldable phone.
So one UI is for all of Samsung’s mobile devices.
Watches, phones Tablets and foldable phones.
Obviously there’s one foldable phone out there right now it’s called the Galaxy phone.
And they showed a concept for different kinds of foldable phone.
One that instead of folding vertically and half that folds horizontally and a half, almost like a wallet or a flip phone or a clamshell phone, or I don’t know, maybe a Motorola razor phone.
What’s interesting about this is There’s been confirmed news that Motorola is gonna launch its foldable razor phone by the end of the year.
So it’s interesting that we see Samsung give us a little taste as it were of a possible foldable phone of their own.
That goes from a rectangle candy bar shape into a square wallet shape.
I mean, come on.
But you know what, we’ll run on that phone OneUI too.
And that’s all I got for today’s Samsung developer conference.
Check out for more coverage.

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