Bernie Sanders wants to break up internet and cable monopolies

Sen. Bernie Sander’s proposal says high-speed internet should be a public good for all.

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released a plan Friday that calls for treating the internet like a public utility and breaking up “internet service provider and cable monopolies.” The Vermont senator’s “High-Speed Internet for All” plan would provide $150 billion in grants and aid for local and state governments to build publicly owned broadband networks as part of the Green New Deal.

Sanders also slams current internet providers in the plan, saying the internet should not be a “price gouging profit machine” for companies like for Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon. He proposes using existing antitrust authorities to break up telecom monopolies, and says he’ll reinstate net neutrality regulation. The proposal would also require internet and cable companies to be more transparent about the cost of services and eliminate things like hidden fees

In a tweet Friday, Sanders said his plan will make America more equal by bringing high-speed internet to every community, “urban and rural.”

Comcast, AT&T and Verizon didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. 

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