Xbox Series X’s ports make their debut at AMD’s CES 2020 event


The back of the Xbox Series X as revealed by the AMD press conference at CES 2020. 


We know the name of Microsoft’s forthcoming Xbox One successor and we know it will be available this holiday season. At CES 2020 we may have just found out a little bit more about the Xbox Series X, including its ports. 

Spotted by Gamespot, the reveal shows off many of the ports one would expect on a 2020 flagship game console including what appears to be Ethernet, optical audio out, two USB-C ports and power. Also present are two HDMI ports, though exactly what the second HDMI will be used for isn’t known. 

The current Xbox One line has two HDMI ports, one for outputting a picture to a TV and another for connecting a cable box to allow the Xbox to drive your whole television experience. While Microsoft heavily pitched this cable connection in the early days of the Xbox One it has since significantly scaled back touting the capability.  

The reveal came during a video at the start of AMD’s press conference where the chipmaker revealed its latest Ryzen chips. Similar to the current console generation, AMD chips will be powering both the Xbox Series X and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a CNET request for comment. 

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