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Star Trek: Picard wrestles with AI – Video


And yeah, I just came back from CES for artificial intelligence.
I just love that you just general thoughts on AI whether or not something you think is promising or terrifying.
I think it’s a bit of both.
It’s a bit of a double edged sword it I don’t think we know enough and I don’t think we’re quite there to be able to say whether it’s it’ll be a good thing in the future or whether it’ll be the end of us.
Yeah, because it really has to be we have to ask ourselves wide.
What are we looking for in an AI Like, are you actually looking for someone to bring you coffee and clean your house?
Servitude or-
Right.>>Actually creating>> Yeah>> Another life form?
Yeah, that would be a good question.
I mean, like all technology it’s both promising and terrifying starting with fire.
[LAUGH] It’s true.
I think obviously there are and there have bene for quite a while the imagined conceits of how technology helps us in Star Trek.
And some of those things have been prophetic.
Which is pretty cool, and I think as Michael says, along with that we talked about the, you know, the double edged sword of how advancement and progress can also threaten.
At least some of the values we think are endemic to being human, I think it’s very, very tricky to understand my children.
Have different perceptual models than I do in part that as a result of early exposure to different technologies and different kinds of information access, is that better or worse?
Well, it’s always going to feel other to me, but probably delightful for them.
I mean, one of my favourite I think one of our favourite writers is Kurt Vonnegut.
And, you know, Kurt Vonnegut dealt with this question a lot.
And I think what Vonnegut said is really true, which is that It’s not technology or science that’s evil or that has the capacity for evil with evil is not incorporating into the science that you do into the technology that you make sufficient consideration for what the consequences will be to human beings.
Humans make technology.
So I believe the technology is not the problem [LAUGH] I think the technological evolution has way surpassed the natural evolution of human brains and that’s a lot of the problem.
I don’t think I’m concerned about the lack of oversight for a lot of these fast corporations doing crazy experiments with both data, AI, and, just general experimentation on human psyche, yeah.
Yeah, I think we should be pretty worried about that I mean when the people empower themselves will get this as a problem you should police like yeah, we probably should.
Yes like anything’s falling into the wrong hands I mean who’s controlling it and that’s who’s behind it and of course there is you know it’s it’s a natural progression.
It’s amazing that technology is it’s kind of it can be our Savior but at the same time for sure it could be our destruction.
So there is something to worry about.
I want to get your thoughts on AI.
Do you find technology promising?
Somewhere in between?
It’s somewhere in between.
I think it all depends on how its used obviously.
And how it’s programmed.
The programmers are intending to do with it.
It’s a blanket.
I don’t think you can make the blanket statement, say it’s just universally bad.
But it’s certainly dangerous in the wrong hands or amazing and incredibly helpful in the right ones.
I think I personally yearn for less technology in general.
I feel like I yearn for time to be home and be home.
I yearn for my kids to not be on a device.
[LAUGH] I yearn for more book reading.
So I don’t know if I’ve thought so much about AI.
I think, every time we see him, we read a book, it’s always AI gone bad.
So there’s that, where does that end, does it any other beginning?
Well first of all, I don’t understand why people have an artificial intelligence in their home.
Alexa, wherever they go, whatever those boxes are called.
They’re listening.
They can listen to you all the time.
They are listening.
And they are listening to you all the time, right?
And it just blows my mind.
And I think it’s generational because young people who have grown up with technology just kind of take it in their stride that this is the way things are.
But old farts like me.
I’m like are they demented they could have the SWAT team knocking on their door in a minute if they’re not careful what they say so I don’t understand it.
I don’t really relate to the, it just makes life easier.
It’s like I don’t know, I don’t understand this.
Passion that people have to give their lives over to the [UNKNOWN] out there.
I think, it’s amazing to see exactly what our technology can do and just how far it can go and I think there are so many ways in which that is Amazing and can further our future.
I also feel like there’s a lot of hesitance to it as well.
There’s so many sides to it.
I don’t quite know where I stand on any of that.
I don’t know, what do you-
Do you use any of those voice commanders, on your phone or in your car?
You do?
Yeah I do.
I haven’t had the courage yet [LAUGH]
I get uncomfortable [LAUGH] About you think that because of what I’ve done, it would be easy
Talking to a robot in your hand, you don’t want to talk to it [LAUGH]
So you’re fine with Dana, but just talking a lot scene and that’s so great right I’m fine with Data, because I happen to know he is Brent Spiner.
And that makes everything all right.
He’s a little easier to talk to.

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