Google urgently investigating Android coronavirus tracking app challenges

Google says it’s doing the job rapidly to look into difficulties with Android apps that use the Android Publicity Notifications Procedure to track the spread of COVID-19. An not known situation is triggering applications to take longer to load or conduct typical exposure checks. The NHS COVID-19 app that’s made use of across England and Wales is influenced by this Android problem, with a loading notification caught in the notifications space for many users.

“We are aware of an difficulty affecting Android applications developed working with the Android Exposure Notifications System,” suggests a Google spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. “Our engineers are investigating the challenge.”

The NHS COVID-19 notification issue.

We fully grasp that Google is operating urgently to detect the resource of these troubles and right them as shortly as probable. These concerns are affecting all applications worldwide that use the Android Publicity Notifications System.

More than 10 million people today in England and Wales downloaded the NHS COVID-19 application in September, but it is not distinct how numerous overall downloads have been made to day or the break up between iOS and Android.

Google very first introduced its coronavirus tracking technique for Android in April 2020. The application utilizes Bluetooth to anonymously broadcast knowledge and assist empower observe and trace packages globally.

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