Dogecoin is crashing when Elon Musk is on Saturday Night time Live 

Although Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Are living, Dogecoin traders offered. When SNL to start with went are living, the cryptocurrency hovered about 69 cents (good). But as the clearly show wore on, the price dropped. As of this composing, it is truly worth 56 cents, a 12 percent plunge.

There was a slight recovery when Musk — on “Weekend Update,” SNL’s parody news program — discussed to a bewildered Michael Che and Colin Jost what Dogecoin was. (“A hustle,” Che eventually said, knowingly.) He also known as himself the “Dogefather.”

As if to rejoice, trading platform Robinhood immediately crashed for cryptocurrency people. Earlier this week, Robinhood tweeted, “We’re all paws on deck, all weekend. [rocket emoji]” (I need the S-1.) A month ago, the investing platform crashed through a Dogecoin rally.

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