Bethesda’s Starfield is launching exclusively on Xbox and Personal computer on November 11th, 2022

We’re finally acquiring a look at Starfield right now, Bethesda’s first new exceptional universe in far more than 25 yrs. Starfield, as the identify indicates, is set in room, and a teaser trailer leaked over at The Washington Publish reveals it will launch solely on Xbox Series X / S and Pc on November 11th, 2022.

Though there is not much gameplay, and that could arrive throughout Microsoft’s Xbox + Bethesda function soon, Bethesda describes the activity as a thing where by “you’ll be who you want, go wherever you want.” It is focused on a previous team of explorers in house, and Bethesda is opening up a teaser web site these days that will supply additional facts about the activity.

Starfield universe.

Bethesda suggests “it’s a video game we have dreamt of actively playing,” and Starfield is only showing up now many thanks to future-gen components. With the leak providing an early glimpse at Starfield, we’re certain to see even extra really shortly.


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