Doom now operates on an Ikea smart light-weight bulb

“Can it run Doom?” is a concern almost as outdated as Doom itself, as innovative components hackers and computer software savants throughout the web work to try and get the 1993 vintage shooter to operate on pretty much anything at all that has a microprocessor. The most current absurd entry: an Ikea Trådfri GU10 345 RGB LED bulb, which Future-Hack has managed to hack into working a modified edition of Doom.

The real hack is a bit of a cheat, offered the truth that contrary to earlier Doom hack candidates, like the Nintendo Sport & Observe, the MacBook Professional Touch Bar, or a TI calculator, the Trådfri bulb does not have any buttons or a screen. Following-Hack experienced to insert people, employing the MGM210L RF board that powers the “smart” portion of the bulb, and modifying a duplicate of Doom to operate on its paltry 108kB of RAM.

Photograph: Up coming-Hack

And even then, there’s a large amount of remarkable workarounds to get the true recreation to operate, including adding extra storage, receiving audio to do the job, and the at any time-tricky administration of RAM.

For further complex information, it’s well worth looking through the full report, but the outcomes talk for by themselves — the processor has adequate ability to not only run Doom, but operate the modified variation really well. Not terrible for a mild bulb.

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