The Batman 2: Is Matt Reeves Placing Himself Up for Failure?

With The Batman — out now in cinemas — director and co-author Matt Reeves has provided us the first standalone movie about the titular billionaire superhero considering the fact that Christopher Nolan wrapped up his Dark Knight trilogy. (In simple fact, it can be been practically a decade. We are approaching the 10-12 months anniversary of The Dark Knight Rises, the disappointing conclusion to an otherwise great sequence. Of system, Batman hasn’t absent any where, with Ben Affleck participating in him thrice previously, and Michael Keaton established to return following 30 many years.) And with Pattinson getting signed a a few-photograph deal, it’s crystal clear that Reeves is preparing to emulate Nolan with his individual Batman trilogy. The Batman teases its sequel as it wraps up — introducing its next villain just like Nolan on Batman Begins.

Warning: important spoilers forward for The Batman. Commence at your personal danger.

And turns out, it really is the very same a single: the Joker (Barry Keoghan, credited as Unseen Arkham Prisoner). Reeves does not outright verify it — even though I envision an interview in which he or an individual else does is days or months away — but all signals issue to the Clown Prince of Criminal offense remaining part of The Batman 2, The Batman Aspect II, or whatever the hell Warner Bros. make your mind up to call its sequel. There’s the “clown” remark, the unmistakable giggle, and the transient hazy appear at his deal with. It could not be anybody else. And if Batman’s archenemy is likely to be portion of a motion picture, you can bet he will be the primary villain. A initially sequel to a Batman reboot that focuses on the Joker? Now where have I read that prior to? No factors for a right guess — I’ve presently hinted at it ahead of — it is really The Dark Knight.

The Batman — Our Spoiler-No cost Critique

It truly is daring, humorous, and curious that Reeves would consider to go in this course with The Batman 2. Amusing since as I observed in my critique, The Batman by itself strike some beats that reminded me of The Dim Knight. For one particular, there is Riddler’s (Paul Dano) concentrating on of Gotham City’s elite. Just like the Joker (Heath Ledger) did in The Dim Knight. Even the victims overlap. Joker went after the commissioner, a judge, the mayor (unsuccessfully), Rachel, and the district legal professional. Riddler goes following the mayor, commissioner, district attorney, and Bruce Wayne (he gets Andy Serkis’ Alfred as an alternative). There is no Rachel in The Batman but the sample is the exact: law enforcement, legislation, legislative, and particular. They the two supposedly have their reasons, but it boils down to toying with Batman. They are participating in online games.

the dark knight heath ledger joker the dark knight

Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dim Knight
Photo Credit: DC Comics/Warner Bros.

The comparisons will not conclude there. As with The Darkish Knight, just after the villain is taken into custody — to be truthful, the Riddler provides himself up in The Batman — our detective superhero confronts him encounter-to-facial area. The location may well be various (a clinic somewhat than a law enforcement station) and there could be a glass wall involving the two (contrary to what the circumstance was in The Dim Knight), but the underlying stress remains the identical. (Some of Riddler’s strains and his organizing also come to feel reminiscent of the Joker.) Batman is powerless in his “interrogation” scenes — and the only details he will get out of the prisoner is handed voluntarily to him. Of study course, there are key distinctions, most importantly in when these scenes manifest in the respective films, and how they match into the bigger photograph.

By earning a initially sequel with the Joker, Reeves is inviting direct comparisons. It truly is curious why he would willingly set himself in that placement. It also places Keoghan in an unenviable posture. Ledger won a posthumous Oscar and a number of accolades — and his Joker is frequently cited as the best dwell-action comedian e-book villain general performance at any time. Anyone who has performed Joker given that Ledger has been compared to him by natural means. Jared Leto had a a person-and-completed visual appeal in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad that wasn’t looked at kindly. Joaquin Phoenix did a great task in Todd Phillips’ Joker but however, he was caught in a movie that experienced almost nothing to say and bordered on hugely irresponsible, equating psychological wellness challenges with a ability for violence.

Why The Dark Knight Is A single of the All-Time Great Motion pictures

And The Dark Knight is the motion picture that silently adjusted the Oscars. Most in the marketplace concur that a Finest Picture nomination snub for Nolan’s epic pushed the Academy to shift away from the 5 Ideal Photograph nominees rule. Soon just after, the Academy — the entire body that organises the Oscars — announced that it was growing the industry. In its place of 5, it would now allow for up to 10 films to be nominated. (This rule has been tweaked yet again commencing with the 2022 Oscars, with a preset 10 motion pictures staying nominated for Very best Photograph going forward.) It is many thanks to The Dark Knight that comic guide films began to be taken additional very seriously — and why Black Panther received a Most effective Picture nomination a handful of a long time back.

the batman 2 matt reeves the batman

Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves on the sets of The Batman
Photo Credit rating: Jonathan Olley/DC Comics

Provided the sheer magnitude of The Darkish Knight, it’s bold of Reeves to opt for the Joker as the sequel’s centrepiece. But then, The Batman is a bold movie. It is really not like any other comedian guide out there now. More psychological horror than what audiences have a tendency to assume from superhero flicks these days: an action drama peppered with jokes and zingers. (That perception is mostly many thanks to Marvel’s rule of the style, with its philosophy even impacting its rivals, as each DC and Sony have additional or a lot less followed go well with.) In that feeling, it is really a remarkedly diverse beast than even Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Far more akin to what Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen did for superhero fare on Television set.

The Batman asks a ton of its viewers, and not just since it runs for nearly three hrs. 176 minutes, to be precise. Although Nolan slowly and gradually scaled up runtimes as he got audiences invested in his universe — The Dim Knight Rises (165 minutes) was more time than The Darkish Knight (152 minutes), which was longer than Batman Begins (140 minutes) — Reeves is demanding that from the get go. The Batman is not just extended than anything Nolan put out or each and every standalone Batman movie ever — it truly is the longest superhero film of all time that is centred on 1 character. The only superhero movies for a longer time than The Batman are Avengers: Endgame (181 minutes) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (242 minutes), both of which ended up mega crew-up functions.

War for the Planet of the Apes Overview: A Fitting Conclusion to This Decade’s Very best Trilogy

It displays the faith placed in Reeves by Warner, whose new crop of executives obviously have a even bigger urge for food for chance than these who imposed a two-hour runtime rule on Justice League, the badly-been given theatrical counterpart to Snyder’s aforementioned director’s lower. And offered Reeves’ file with Earth of the Apes — I preserve that it can be the greatest trilogy of the 2010s — I far too have religion in The Batman director. Although I really hope he appreciates what he’s executing. The Darkish Knight is a single of my favorite films of all time, and The Batman 2 will need to be a thing crazy, specific, and legendary to keep away from wanting like an also-ran. Reeves is inviting the comparison and he desires to solution for it.

The Batman introduced March 4 in theatres in India, the US, and all around the entire world.

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