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Best Prime Day Apple TV Deals: Free Apple Gift Cards, $29 Off Apple TV 4K and More

Though there are tons of streaming devices to choose from these days with Roku, Google and Amazon all offering attractive options, the Apple TV is the best choice for those all-in on the Apple ecosystem. 

Apple TV offers the level of user experience you’d expect from an Apple product, plus it ties in perfectly with your Apple ID and various Apple services like Apple TV Plus and Apple Fitness Plus. Sadly, though, Apple TV devices tend to be more expensive than the competition which is exactly why the current Prime Day Apple TV deals are worth shopping. Sales like Prime Day offer a rare opportunity to save on Apple devices and there are a bunch of early Prime Day deals already available if you’re looking to bag a bargain right now. 

To save you searching out the deals on your own, we’ve rounded up the best Prime Day Apple TV deals and organized them by product line to make things easy. Keep checking back as we’ll update this page regularly as deals expire and new discounts appear.

Best Apple TV HD deals

The Apple TV HD normally sells for $149, and that’s the price you’ll find directly from Apple. It comes equipped with 32GB of storage paired with Apple’s A8 chip. The Apple TV HD includes the new Siri remote and HDMI, USB-C and Ethernet ports on the back. 


There’s a rare sale on Apple TV directly at the Apple online store right now with the company offering a free $50 Apple gift card with the purchase of an Apple TV HD. Though you’re not saving on the device itself, that $50 credit can be spent on physical goods at the Apple store or on its digital stores. 

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Amazon has $5 off of the most recent Apple TV HD which isn’t much of a saving. Right now, the 4K model is just a few bucks more so it’s well worth considering that instead, even if you don’t yet have a 4K-capable TV set. 

Best Apple TV 4K deals

If you have a 4K TV at home and want to take advantage of it, the Apple TV 4K is for you. It comes in two options, one with 32GB of storage and the other with 64GB. It runs Apple’s A12 Bionic chip inside to maximize performance and comes with the new Siri remote, and Ethernet and USB-C ports on the back. The base price of the 

Apple TV 4K is $179 for the 32GB model, which is what Apple sells it for.


Apple’s free gift card deal extends to the Apple TV 4K so, while you might be paying full price for the box itself, you’ll score $50 to spend at the Apple Store or on its various digital stores and subscriptions. It’s a rare chance to score a deal directly at Apple, but the deal expires soon. 

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This is the newest Apple TV 4K with the all-new (and vastly improved) Siri remote to accompany it. This version is powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic chip to help maximize speed and app experiences. At close to $30 off, this is a solid price for the 4K-capable device.

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The 64GB Apple TV 4K offers extra storage if you’ll be downloading a lot of content or installing various games and apps. While the 32GB model is also $29 off at Amazon, it may be worth spending the extra $20 to double the storage if you plan to keep it for a while.


Though the first-generation Apple TV 4K doesn’t come with the redesigned Siri Remote and is powered by the older Apple A10X Fusion chip, it’s still a capable UHD streamer and offers the same access to the tvOS App Store. This almost-$50 discount makes it an attractive option for those looking to spend as little as possible, though paying the $20 extra for the 4K model still makes more sense if you can swing it. 

Best Apple TV Remote deals

In 2021, Apple released a new Siri remote that ditched the previous generation’s design and trackpad and brought better buttons, making it much easier to use. One of the great things is that you don’t need to upgrade your Apple TV in order to use the new remote: You can seamlessly connect it to your existing Apple TV.

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If you want to keep your existing Apple TV but despise the remote, you can ditch the somewhat annoying trackpad and upgrade to make the experience better overall. Right now you can save $5 at Amazon.

Shop refurbished Apple TV

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Apple carries refurbished Apple TVs with prices starting as low as $129. The advantage to buying a refurb directly from Apple is that you can save some cash on the purchase and you still get a full warranty should any issues arise.

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If you want to spend a little less than what Apple charges for its refurbished Apple TV deals, Back Market has got you covered with various configurations on sale there. Right now, you can pick up a 2017 4K model from $90 or snag a 2021 device for as little as $124. Each device is backed by a one-year warranty, too. 

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