Protection Professional Reveals He Broke Into Datacenter by way of “Piss Corridor”

The most vital worry for any individual or a massive datacentre holding 1000’s of gigabytes of info is stability. With the improvement of technological innovation, numerous security instruments are made use of by companies to preserve their data secure. But one particular stability skilled has discovered a exclusive “leak” in one particular of the datacentres, which allowed him to acquire accessibility to cherished details. The protection specialist, Andrew Tierney, posted a thorough thread on Twitter to describe how he received bodily accessibility to the datacentre using “piss corridor”. Mr Tierney, who will work at stability agency Pen Check Partners, claimed in the tweets that this was a person of his most noteworthy exploits.

He posted a diagram to show the unidentified facility’s distinctive restroom locations for the typical business area and the safe portion in which the IT infrastructure is positioned. Even so, the two restrooms were connected, and Mr Tierney found out a shared accessibility passage for servicing the bathrooms that ran powering both equally sets of cubicles. These, in accordance to the protection specialist, have been the “piss corridor.”

He uncovered the obtain to be reachable by means of a disguised doorway in an obtainable cubicle which is a more substantial room developed for wheelchair entry, on either side of the secure/insecure border, in accordance to Mr Tierney’s tweets. He entered the bathrooms on the basic office environment location side and then to the “piss corridor” by means of the accessible cubicle, reaching the supposedly secure facet in the exact fashion.



Mr Tierney didn’t point out whether or not the concealed doorways were secured to avert curious restroom website visitors from getting into the accessibility area, or whether or not he experienced to choose the locks to enable the entry, in accordance to Register that carried a report on his discovery.

Mr Tierney claimed that he only did this following earning confident “there was not any individual else in the other obtainable cubicle”.

The stability expert was overjoyed with his achievement, noting that he managed to escape the datacenter’s stability steps, which involved mantrap entrance gates that needed staff members to surrender any digital units on entry.

He further more claimed that the toilet arrangement was noticeable on general public arranging information, indicating that any individual may well have labored out how to escape protection.

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