Razer is dangling options driving a $30 dongle

Razer continues to extend the limitations of what gamers are prepared to get to get the edge on their opponents. Starting off today, admirers of the Razer Viper V2 Professional wireless gaming mouse can receive the luxury of getting a increased polling fee than the other man with the $30 Razer HyperPolling dongle. Now, this dongle is only appropriate with the Viper V2 Professional and exists for the sole reason of giving you an practically imperceptible edge towards your competition by supplying the wireless mouse with a 4000Hz polling charge.

The Razer Viper V2 Pro.

The polling amount of a device refers to the number of instances a mouse or other peripheral relays its information to your desktop. The usual polling fee for wired or wireless peripherals is about 1000Hz, indicating that your desktop is finding updates from your mouse when every single millisecond. Not to be outdone, producers like Razer have started off creating peripherals that offer you polling rates of up to 8000Hz. Whilst sustaining a 4000Hz polling level more than a wireless relationship is certainly amazing, it’s tough to say how a great deal this will impact a player’s functionality provided that present slicing-edge gaming screens best out at 500Hz.

Comparable to how peripheral suppliers had been racing to equip their mice with extra highly effective sensors, it would look that polling charge has become the new metric which is becoming made use of to evaluate the performance of mice in the gaming landscape. Though there is empirical information backing up the promises that a greater polling fee effects in significantly less latency with your inputs, it is really nevertheless debatable as to irrespective of whether this would make you a improved participant. Razer seems to assume so and thinks you will spend for the privilege.

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