Google tries shaming Apple into adopting RCS with #getthemessage marketing campaign

Google is kicking off a new publicity campaign now to strain Apple into adopting RCS, the cross-system messaging protocol that’s meant to be a successor to the growing old SMS and MMS criteria.

The lookup big has a new “Get The Message” web site that lays out a acquainted established of arguments for why Apple really should assistance the normal, revolving all around smoother messaging between Iphone and Android products. Obviously, there is also a #GetTheMessage hashtag to genuinely get these viral juices flowing.

For most folks, the problems Google describes are most common in the variety of the eco-friendly bubbles that signify messages to Android people in Apple’s Messages app. Although the Apple iphone application makes use of Apple’s individual iMessage service to deliver texts concerning iPhones (entire with modern-day options like encryption, aid for group chats, and higher-high-quality impression and video clip transfers), they revert to previous-fashioned SMS and MMS when texting an Android person. Not only are these messages revealed in a color-clashing environmentally friendly bubble but also they split a lot of of the modern-day messaging attributes individuals have arrive to rely on.

To deal with this, Google has been dropping a series of not-so-refined hints in latest months for Apple to support RCS, which presents most (even though not all) of the features of iMessage in a protocol that is usable throughout both of those iOS and Android. The corporation claimed it hoped “every mobile working system… updates to RCS” onstage at its once-a-year developer meeting this year as very well as in a variety of tweets more than the months.

The Iphone maker has everything to obtain from the present situation, which has a lock-in impact for shoppers. It gives seamless conversation (but only concerning iMessage consumers) and turns Android’s green bubbles into refined class markers. It is why Apple execs admitted in inner e-mail that bringing iMessage to Android would “hurt [Apple] more than aid us.

Google’s arguments for RCS haven’t been served by the standard’s sluggish and piecemeal rollout, which was initially reliant on carriers to increase help. But the situation has improved since Google correctly took charge in 2019, which means that RCS is now easily offered nearly just about everywhere globally. This calendar year even observed the world’s biggest Android maker, Samsung, swap to applying Google’s possess RCS-compatible Messages app by default in its flagship Galaxy S22 array.

RCS has also bit by bit been gaining aspect parity with iMessage’s encryption. It now supports finish-to-conclusion encryption (E2EE) in 1-on-one particular chats, and E2EE in group chats is owing later this 12 months.

So, will Google’s new publicity marketing campaign lastly be the issue that pushes Apple to see the light-weight and roll out RCS assist on its telephones? Supplied the massive incentives Apple has for not enjoying ball, I have to say the research giant’s chances never look very good. At this issue, Apple adopting RCS feels about as most likely as the US collectively ditching iMessage and going to an encrypted cross-platform messaging provider like WhatsApp or Sign.

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