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You should Really don’t Mount Your Tv set Where by You Poop

There are heaps of excellent sites to mount your Tv, but there are also a number of sites where mounting a Television is not the very best notion. The rest room is 1 of all those areas. In actuality, it is really just about the worst ecosystem for any sort of electronics, let by yourself a Tv.  But if you might be so hooked on a demonstrate you might be streaming that you don’t want to strike pause even for a lavatory break, you may well believe mounting a Tv set previously mentioned the tub or bathroom is a good alternative. It’s not. Truly. Just never. 

But if you unquestionably will have to, mounting a Tv in the bathroom is technically doable, as very long as you know what you are acquiring into. This is what you have to have to know prior to you get started looking at Nationwide Treasure throughout your early morning constitutional. 

Lavatory Television set (doo)do’s and don’ts

This rest room is nicer than my complete residence.

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A rest room is a undesirable location for a Television. Two of the worst factors for digital devices are humidity and heat. The latter is also a single of the good reasons why we never suggest putting a Television higher than a fire. Even if you have a massive, well-ventilated lavatory, it’s likely considerably extra humid than a regular living space. 

For case in point, this is what Samsung has to say about lavatory TVs:

In common, you must not set your Samsung Tv set in really very hot, cold, humid or dusty spots. As a result, we recommend that you do not put in your Samsung Television set in a toilet or any other place with higher humidity.

This is the applicable portion in LG owner’s handbook for its 2022 LED LCDs:

Do not place the Television and/or distant handle in the following environments: 
– An place with superior humidity these kinds of as a lavatory. 
– Around kitchen area counters or humidifiers where by they can conveniently be exposed to steam or oil. 
– Do not expose to dripping or splashing and do not area objects filled with liquids, such as vases, cups, etcetera. on or about the apparatus (e.g., on cabinets above the unit).

In any other case, this may well end result in fire, electric shock, combustion/ explosion, malfunction or solution deformation.

Sony’s Television guarantee, for its part, will not deal with “get hold of with liquid, heat, humidity or perspiration,” all of which are really much par for the bathroom system.

Will humidity destroy the Television promptly? Likely not, and that is component of the problem. You are going to most likely hear or examine a good deal of anecdotal tales about how anyone set a common Television in their toilet and it was “wonderful.” Nonetheless, these people almost certainly would not observe up with how the Television afterwards died “for no rationale.” 

To compound the trouble most people today will want to set the Tv set where it is quickly viewable from the tub or shower, particularly up out of the way. However warmth and steam rise, in particular when drawn ceiling-ward by a toilet supporter.

A bathroom with a bowl-like tub in the center

I could tub in this article.

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There are water-proof TVs designed for superior-humidity locations but, as you’d guess, they’re a lot more high-priced than regular styles. They also will not attribute names you would acknowledge: Elecsung, Soulaca, Haocrown and other folks. Quite a few have streaming applications constructed in. Some even double as a mirror when turned off. We have not examined any of these versions, but they cost at the very least a few or 4 occasions as considerably as standard TVs of comparable dimensions.

Also, be cautious of any lists on websites like Greatest Invest in or Amazon that appear to be to recommend “rest room TVs.” These are loaded with normal, compact TVs that should not be in a rest room. 

Matters to look at for a bathroom Television

A predominantly white bathroom

Add a fridge and I think I could dwell here.

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Like other waterproof equipment, for illustration headphones and Bluetooth speakers, water resistant TVs should really have an IP rating. For instance, “IP66-Accredited Waterproof” implies it really is sealed towards dust and jets of h2o aimed straight at the machine. 

Voice control would be a additionally, for certain, but really don’t be expecting water-proof TVs to have the exact same functions as a standard Television set. For that make any difference, their clever Television interfaces are likely even worse than you happen to be utilized to, and could possibly not have all the streaming services you would want. Check user reviews cautiously, if you can locate any.

What is not vital? Resolution. Never get worried if the Tv is 1080p or 720p. With small TVs you happen to be not probably to see significantly of a big difference, if any. 

A tub/shower combo with a screen installed

Greater hope it is splash-proof.

Getty Photos/John Keeble

It truly is also value examining to see if your Wi-Fi is up to the task. The sign might be strong ample to surf the web even though you’re enshrined on your throne, but streaming movie is an additional story. You probably you should not have to have to get any new equipment, just give your recent Wi-Fi a tuneup.

Check nearby building codes for any precise restrictions for installing or mounting an electrical device in your lavatory. You can also mount a Television set in the wall, but that is nicely further than the scope of this manual and probably not something for the regular DIYer. 

Alternate options (tablets, good displays and additional)

A bathroom with tub, shower and screen, among other fixtures

Entirely normal towel placement.

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Possibly you don’t need a “Television.” Good household shows like the Amazon Echo Display and Google Nest Hub can fit just about any where. They will run Netflix and some other streaming companies. You would not get whole Tv operation, nor are they water-resistant, but they are low-priced and considerably less complicated to suit in your lavatory. Just keep them away from the tub. 

An additional probability is a easy water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. I have experienced a person of these in my shower for years. Certainly not a Television, but you can hear to songs, news or podcasts. They have the added profit of becoming reasonably priced and, of course, portable. 

A bathtub with a mirrored screen mounted on the wall at one end

Mirror mirror on the wall, perform for me The Gilded Age.


A typical selection is a tablet, normally with the addition of some kind of stand or bath tray. Undoubtedly dangerous for an often-expensive device, but it’s less complicated than mounting a Television set in someplace that’s primarily a short-term sauna.

It can be also worth noting that most mid- and substantial-end telephones are water resistant. Most tablets are not. So if you can deal with a smaller sized display, it really is surely a safer tub-time choice.

‘Bathroom Tv set, you happen to be the one’

Far more than at any time, we all need a spot to take it easy. I have a near buddy with an very stress filled career who winds down just after a very long working day by seeing demonstrates on a tablet though soaking in the tub. I definitely get it. 

Permanently mounting a Television set in your bathroom, on the other hand, really should be approached with warning. These are not excellent environments for electronics to reside in, as evidenced by the warnings and warranties of producers. 

With a Tv set that is intended for it, or one thing affordable you don’t intellect changing regularly, they are undoubtedly improved than holding your phone with a person hand and your toothbrush in the other.

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