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When Is Apple’s iPhone 14 Release Date? Here’s What Rumors Say

The wait for Apple’s new iPhone may be over sooner than you think. Apple is expected to hold a launch event in September, which means the 2022 iPhone could possibly be up for grabs soon. Speculation on the iPhone 14 (unofficial name) has been churning — since even before the iPhone 13 was announced a year ago. Since then, we’ve heard plenty of gossip about the new iPhone’s design, price and new features. But what about its release date? Apple has yet to disclose any official dates, but we can make some educated guesses based on the tech giant’s track record.

Apple tends to unveil its new iPhones either on the first or second Tuesday of September. Last year, the iPhone 13 series officially made its debut on Tuesday, Sept. 14, followed by preorders beginning on Friday, Sept. 17, and then the phones went on sale the following Friday — Sept. 24. For the iPhone 14, Apple could hold its event either on Tuesday, Sept. 6, or Tuesday, Sept. 13. Since iPhones usually go up for preorder on the Fridays of the same week, we’d expect that to happen this year on Friday, Sept. 9, or Friday, Sept. 16. iPhone release dates are usually a week and a half after Apple’s announcements. Sometimes launch dates are staggered for specific models, especially when introducing a new design or size. So it’s possible the iPhone 14 lineup will have more than one release date.

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There’s also another theory that’s been floating around for a few years. In 2018, CNET took a deep dive into the Apple event timeline and emerged with a compelling Labor Day hypothesis. Based on the 2022 calendar, the Labor Day rule would put the September Apple event (and the iPhone 14 unveil) on Wednesday, Sept. 7, with a Friday, Sept. 16, release date. A recent Bloomberg report also suggested the same dates for the iPhone 14’s announcement and release. 

However, the Labor Day prediction was a week off for 2021 — and, because of coronavirus delays, about a month off in 2020. To be sure, there have been some reported supply chain issues for the iPhone 14 that some worry could potentially push the release date later.  But noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has quelled some of those fears, saying it should only have a “limited” impact, in a July post on Twitter.

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