What is it and how is it different from the PS5 DualSense controller

Sony has a new DualSense Edge controller for the PlayStation 5 that unlocks a never ever witnessed stage of customisation for a DualSense controller. The new DualSense Edge controller comes with some considerable upgrades, this sort of as completely customisable controls, swappable joystick caps, management profiles and even the again button returns, among other improvements.
The DualShock Edge features two new buttons on the back again, two Functionality buttons on the bottom, with up-to-date joysticks and bring about buttons. Properly, it is Sony’s response to Xbox’s Elite 2 controller, so just like the Elite controllers, the DualSense Edge gives the possibility to remap the controls. Also, it also lets you to customise the travel, so one particular can have various vacation for distinctive genres.

There’s much more to it apart from remapping the buttons, gamers can deactivate buttons to develop dead zones and regulate stick sensitivity. In addition, a single can produce profiles with preset controls and swap between them using the operate button. The purpose button also allows end users to entry the recreation volume, chat equilibrium, and controller profile settings menu.

Players have an solution to improve the joystick caps in between conventional, high dome, and minimal dome. Moreover, the complete joystick module is replaceable, so 1 can switch the joystick alternatively of getting a new controller. Even the back again buttons can be swapped.

Sony DualShock 5 controller vs DualShock Edge controller: What is the distinction

The major difference between the two is the included ease and comfort of customisation on the DualSense Edge, which was not existing on recent-gen DualSense controllers or even any of the previous controllers.

There are some aesthetic alterations as effectively alternatively of white touchpad, the touchpad on the DualSense Edge is in black in color with shiny complete and PlayStation icons all in excess of it. In addition, the Edge has reinforced USB-C port making certain that the charger stays in put.

Aside from this every little thing is pretty much the same and it has the very same characteristics as the DualSense 5 controllers such as haptic feed-back, adaptive triggers, motion controls, and constructed-in microphone.


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