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Our Apple iphone 14 Want Listing – Online video

Speaker 1: Well, we are officially just one stage closer to the Apple iphone. 14 remaining actual apple deliver out invites for a September 7th event. And it is really most likely they’re gonna announce the upcoming Apple iphone, AKA, the heavily rumored Apple iphone 14. Now there are a bunch of enhancements and fixes I am hoping to see for the following Apple iphone, but first we we have gotta speak about this invite because there could be a few of, uh, clues that [00:00:30] we may well be obtaining about the subsequent Apple iphone. The invite is a picture of the apple logo versus a history with glittery, Starlight, points there, and the tagline is considerably out. So could this be a hint that the Apple iphone 14 could possibly be receiving a for a longer time telephoto lens for some considerably out pictures or a new astronomy mode for some much out astronomy shots or maybe the colours of the stars or sparkly particles are a nod to some of the shades and finishes that we [00:01:00] could possibly see on the next Apple iphone 14? Well, we’re gonna come across out shortly, but I wanna emphasis on some options and some fixes that I am hoping apple will utilize for the upcoming Iphone. So right here is my Iphone 14 wishlist.

Speaker 1: Now initial I wanna dismiss some prevalent apple tropes for the Apple iphone 14, like eliminating the notch or an [00:01:30] conclusion screen fingerprint reader. Alright. Of course a Apple iphone with out a notch is anything I imagine really much most people desires. And as soon as apple is capable to get there, I’m gonna guess they are gonna press that Iphone out as quickly as they can. And in conditions of underneath display fingerprint reader, I nevertheless have not really applied one particular on a mobile phone. That is great. Now there are some actually great ones, but as much as fingerprint visitors, I desire a single on the aspect and or I like experience ID, which I think’s [00:02:00] excellent. You can appear at me, but I do. There is certainly also rumors about things like there will not be an Apple iphone 14 mini, and rather there is certainly gonna be an Apple iphone 14 max or Apple iphone 14, furthermore meaning a non-pro Apple iphone with a huge monitor. There is all rumors about a, uh, the processor finding break up up. So professional models get a new a person and non-professional designs adhere with the a 15 bionic which is in the Apple iphone 13 collection. But listed here are things that I really genuinely consider [00:02:30] attributes I wanna see on the Apple iphone 14. And the first detail I wanna see is a lot quicker charging

Speaker 1: Ideal now, I can use a USBC to lightning cable and a 20 wat wall charger to cost the Apple iphone 13 and all its designs. The battery can go from zero to 50% in about 30 minutes, but there are phones suitable now, like the a single plus 10 pro that assistance 65 wat rapid charging. And that is just, just in the us. In other [00:03:00] pieces of the globe, the 10 professional can guidance 80 wat rapidly charging. Which is 4 periods far more than what apple supports extra Watts does not essentially translate equivalent to charging speeds. The 80 wat charging is able of completely charging the just one additionally 10 professional in half an hour. Think about currently being equipped to recharge your iPhone’s battery that fast. Yeah, very great. Ideal now, another attribute I hope to see on the Apple iphone 14 is a [00:03:30] extended zoom lens. More than the past few several years, apple has increased the focal length of the telephoto lens on the pro designs.

Speaker 1: We went from two X optical zoom on the 11 pro to 2.5 moments, optical zoom on the 12 professional and a few times optical zoom on the 13 pro, but on the Android side of factors, we have Samsung and it really is S 22 ultra, which has twin telephoto cameras. One particular with a a few situations optical zoom lens and [00:04:00] the other with 10 situations optical zoom. And then there is the approaching Sony Xperia 1 mark four that has a telephoto camera with lens features that essentially move, give you optical zoom everywhere in between 3.5 instances and 5.2 situations magnification. Now, though the 3 occasions optical zoom on the 13 professional is excellent for portraits. I can only visualize what apple could do with a longer telephoto lens, like the a person on the [00:04:30] Sony cellphone that adjusts, and probably that’s what the much out and the apple party invite is referenced to.

Speaker 1: Right? How significantly out would that be? Obviously we are gonna know for certain on September 7th and make sure you happen to be subscribed to all factors seen at so you can get our whole coverage. And of system the opinions, when we get our fingers on the new Apple iphone, but let us talk about a characteristic I want to see in that new Apple iphone, and that is gonna be enhanced mags, safe and sound, mags, safe and sound charging debuted [00:05:00] with the Iphone 12 and in essence combines she wireless charging and magnets. So the idea is that those magnets help make guaranteed that when you set a wireless charger on the back again of your cell phone, that is ideally put and gets the most effective charge. Very excellent, huh? But I would like to see mags risk-free with a pair additions initially quicker charging at this time mag risk-free tops out at 15 Watts, but there are telephones like that. A single additionally 10 pro, I stated that guidance up to 50 wat wireless charging.

Speaker 1: I’d [00:05:30] also like to see much more mag harmless accessories. Suitable now we have two varieties of equipment. Those people that are formally supported by apple referred to as MagSafe. And those people that are magnetic and function with mag harmless in most strategies, but are not officially stamped mag secure, complicated. Completely. But what if apple were able to carry on more organizations, far more third events to support producing MagSafe official equipment. Envision the innovation we may possibly see, consider the distinct sort things for [00:06:00] holders and chargers that we never now have for the up coming Apple iphone. Now, yet another attribute I wanna converse about for the Apple iphone 14 is a improved selfie digicam ideal now. The Apple iphone 13 series has a front struggling with digicam with a 12 megapixel sensor and an F 2.2 aperture lens selfies and films from the digicam are rather fantastic, but you will find nonetheless a phase down from the primary digital camera on the back again of the Iphone 13 and undoubtedly the Apple iphone 13 professional [00:06:30] as online video chatting has turn out to be far more than norm. I would like to see the Apple iphone 14, get a strong upgrade to its entrance facing camera. That usually takes it from good to excellent. And speaking of heading from excellent to terrific, let us chat about significant screen Apple iphone guidance.

Speaker 1: So if rumors about apple owning not just one particular big display screen telephone, but two this year are accurate. There’s gotta be some alterations to iOS. So [00:07:00] if you will find gonna be an Apple iphone 14 Promax and an Iphone 14, max, the software program requires to aid these bigger screens much better. In actuality, apple isn’t going to have to search that considerably for inspiration. You will find tons of wonderful characteristics for the iPad. Imagine iPad. A lot of that could translate so properly to a massive display screen Apple iphone, like issues like multitasking facet by side windows, be equipped to swipe concerning them home windows as well as matters like apple, pencil assist, provide apple pencil guidance [00:07:30] to the Iphone 14 Promax and Iphone 14 max, remember to, or, or to a little something basic, like the potential to rotate the property display in between portrait and landscape. Currently on the Apple iphone. If I go from vertical to landscape, all the applications on the property screen are even now in vertical.

Speaker 1: And I have to twist my head this way on an iPad. If I do the identical issue, all the applications alter between landscape and portrait. No difficulty. Certainly what ever options apple rolls out for the Iphone 14 sequence have previously been [00:08:00] made and in the operates for a extended time, but we are gonna know anything about the new Iphone pretty, pretty soon, but here’s what I wanna know from you men. Permit me know the reviews. What capabilities you want on the next Apple iphone? What do you imagine it genuinely wants like it’s possible an improved cinematic mode? Wouldn’t that be terrific. Also we do these movies covering apple stuff every 7 days. What subjects do you want us to cover? Do you have thoughts? You want us to solution? Throw your feelings in the comments last, thank you so considerably for looking at this video clip.

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