In Home of the Dragon Episode 4, Double Expectations Induce a Royal Scandal

House of the Dragon episode 4 — out now on HBO Max and Disney+ Hotstar — is all about how rapidly fortunes can transform. By midway as a result of episode 2, Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) had produced an enemy of his brother, King Viserys (Paddy Considine), for thieving a dragon egg and styling himself Lord of Dragonstone. Daemon additional angered him in episode 3 by starting up a war in the Stepstones and dragging the Crown into it. But, at the begin of episode 4, thanks to a victory he secured, Daemon is back in the king’s great graces. Publicly, at minimum. BUT—by the conclusion of Home of the Dragon episode 4, Viserys despises his brother and banishes him, many thanks to his section in a royal scandal that has engulfed Viserys’ heir and daughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock).

Talking of the long run possible Queen, Rhaenyra finishes up in a significantly bigger quagmire by the time Dwelling of the Dragon episode 4 wraps. All appeared to be well amongst father and daughter when we very last observed them collectively. In the intervening time — Aegon II has turned a few, we are told, which indicates about a 12 months has handed — Viserys has organised a tour of probable suitors for Rhaenyra. It truly is how Dwelling of the Dragon episode 4 opens, with men (and boys) of all ages generating a verbal PowerPoint presentation on why they are ideal suited to be her partner. But Rhaenyra swipes left on all of them, and cuts the tour small two months early. Viserys is “frustrated” that she has returned without finding everyone, Rhaenyra’s ideal good friend Queen Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey) tells her.

“It’s rare for a lady to get a choice in between two suitors, allow by itself two scores,” Alicent notes to the heir of the Iron Throne. “They only want my identify and my Valyrian blood for their offspring,” Rhaenyra objects, to which Alicent replies on Home of the Dragon episode 4: “I feel it truly is fairly romantic.” The Targaryen teenager retorts in the vicinity of instantaneously without having thinking: “How passionate is it to be imprisoned in a castle and be manufactured to place out offspring just after offspring?” Rhaenyra has inadvertently neatly summarised Alicent’s problem, and when she realises the unintended jab, she comforts her very best good friend by squeezing her hand.

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house of the dragon episode 4 emily carey milly alcock house of the dragon episode 4

Emily Carey as Queen Alicent Hightower, Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra Targaryen in Property of the Dragon episode 4
Picture Credit history: Ollie Upton/HBO

But it can be also clear that while Alicent is happy with her situation, Rhaenyra cares extra for journey. That has generally been her. So later on that night in Household of the Dragon episode 4, when Rhaenyra finds a be aware and a bag full of commoner’s clothes in her chambers, she jumps at the option. Slinking by way of a magic formula entrance in her bed room, Rhaenyra finds Daemon waiting for her, who subsequently introduces her to the nightlife of King’s Landing. Very first up, they see a engage in — Match of Thrones did this pretty properly, so I’m pleased to see the prequel spin-off continue in that vein — that Rhaenyra won’t take kindly to. Mostly due to the fact they are mocking her feminine credentials (A female heir?! Will she be feeble?), when noting that little one Aegon II has a conqueror’s identify and a penis. How does that depend for anything?

The future area of the Flea Base tour is a lot additional risqué. For Daemon nevertheless, it’s just a further Tuesday. The Targaryen prince requires his niece into a satisfaction den on Residence of the Dragon episode 4, opening Rhaenyra to a vary of sexual gratification she has by no means witnessed prior to. Daemon then usually takes off her headgear — the pretty thing that aided in her disguise, trying to keep her unmistakably white Targaryen locks concealed — as they head further in. It is really like he would like every person to know she was right here.

And then, in entire check out of anyone, Daemon would make a shift on his niece. “Marriage is a duty,” he states to Rhaenyra, as Residence of the Dragon episode 4 intercuts with Queen Alicent silently having her husband, who woke her up on a booty phone in the middle of the evening, “but that doesn’t end us from performing what we want.” As he undresses her, Daemon turns her all around and pushes her versus the wall, but when she turns around to deal with him and frequently tries to kiss him, he runs off. Obviously, the rogue prince has gotten much too made use of to paying for intercourse, and isn’t going to like it when somebody else can take regulate.

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house of the dragon episode 4 matt smith house of the dragon episode 4

Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen in Residence of the Dragon episode 4
Photograph Credit: Ollie Upton/HBO

When Rhaenyra will get back again to her chambers, she’s however in a playful mood. She teases her bodyguard Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) by snatching his helmet, prior to kissing him as he attempts to acquire it back again. The Kingsguard just take a vow of chastity, so Criston is normally conflicted. He pauses to take into consideration what he’s obtaining into, just before supplying into Rhaenyra’s pretty apparent wishes. What follows is one of the most tender times in the heritage of Activity of Thrones as a franchise. Nevertheless admittedly, that is a quite very low bar thinking of most sexual action is possibly violent, gratuitous, or equally. It’s been mere minutes considering the fact that the Queen was primarily forced into sexual intercourse on Household of the Dragon episode 4 by itself.

In the early morning though, you can find no time for Rhaenyra to bask in the afterglow. The Hand of the King, Ser Otto Hightower’s (Rhys Ifans), spies woke him up through the night time to inform him what the Princess was up to. And Otto’s initial motion in the morning is to barge into the King’s chambers and spew every thing he has been advised. Engaging in “behaviour unbecoming of a maiden”, Otto tries to put it respectfully on Residence of the Dragon episode 4, whilst continue to clearly punching down at Rhaenyra. But Viserys isn’t going to react properly — he thinks this is a plot on Otto’s behalf. However, Otto gets what he would like, simply because the inquisition starts the second he leaves.

A hungover Daemon is dragged into the Terrific Corridor — his star has fallen promptly, considering wherever he was at the begin of Dwelling of the Dragon episode 4 — where by Viserys launches at him. The King is even more furious for how very easily the Prince accepts his steps, and then has the gall to suggest that he will acquire Rhaenyra as his spouse if no other lord would. Viserys has no interest in his needs. Just after all, it’s not the Princess he wants, but the Iron Throne. Also, Daemon now has a spouse he is disregarding, Viserys points out, and tells him to go to the Vale with the very little shred of regard and dignity he has still left. What a rollercoaster for Daemon — he has gone from outcast to currently being approved to being thrown out.

Anything You Want to Know About Dwelling of the Dragon

house of the dragon episode 4 paddy considine milly alcock house of the dragon episode 4

Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen, Milly Alcock as Rhaenyra Targaryen in Residence of the Dragon episode 4
Picture Credit history: Ollie Upton/HBO

1st, Alicent confronts Rhaenyra who denies that Daemon even touched her. While she’s not happy that her very best pal is accusing her of items she “overheard”, the Targaryen heir does acknowledge that she went frolicking about Flea Base with Daemon. “It was silly of you to location yourself in a placement in which your advantage could even come into dilemma,” Alicent ultimately suggests to Rhaenyra in Residence of the Dragon episode 4. This would be unsettling coming from anybody, but it really is even a lot more so when it is really uttered by a lady and one particular of her closest companions. Alicent is evidently not a person to obstacle internalised misogyny. No one particular would even bat an eye if Daemon was noticed in enjoyment dens — he is accomplished it a thousand situations, in simple fact — but we are unable to have Rhaenyra lurking about this kind of corners.

Rhaenyra details out these exact double expectations to her father. “If I had been a guy, I could father a dozen bastards and no a single in your court docket would blink an eye,” she suggests, soon after she’s summoned to his chambers in Dwelling of the Dragon episode 4. Viserys notes that she’s appropriate, but “you ended up born a lady.” The King is correctly declaring that the universe dealt her a negative hand — and now she will have to reside with it. Rhaenyra’s late-evening escapades have also blown aside the goodwill she had attained. Viserys has decided that she will marry Laenor Velaryon — the son of Princess Rhaenys “The Queen Who Never ever Was” and Lord Corlys “Sea Snake” Velaryon, just as Viserys’ adviser told him on episode 3 — to clear up what he notes has develop into his “political headache”.

In return, Rhaenyra sets out an ultimatum to her father. Otto need to go, she claims, for he is also devoted to his individual interests: to place his grandson Aegon II on the throne. And just like that, one particular key solid Residence of the Dragon member is out, it appears, as a blindsided Otto is stripped of his Hand of the King placement.

And nevertheless I am positive there will be far more to this royal scandal, Household of the Dragon episode 4 places a observe on it at the conclude, as Rhaenyra is served a “special tea”. The King had it brewed, to make certain there are no “unforeseen repercussions,” the Maester tells Rhaenyra. What he’s making an attempt to stay away from stating is that the tea functions as a morning-right after capsule. It is helpful for the Princess much too — she may possibly not have had sexual intercourse with Daemon, but she did acquire her bodyguard to mattress.

House of the Dragon episode 4 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in India, and HBO Max anywhere readily available. New episodes launch just about every Monday at 6:30am IST/ Sunday at 9pm ET.

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