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Comparing Iphone 14 Pro and 13 Pro Max cameras – Online video

Speaker 1: We’re evaluating the cameras on the Apple iphone 14 Professional with these on the Apple iphone 13 Professional. Why? Well, simply because the Iphone 14 Professional has a wholly new camera technique over more mature telephones, such as a model new 48 megapixel sensor as perfectly as the new A 16 bionic chip, new features like action method and a new selfie camera. But like me, you may be thinking what bigger the change does the new components and computer software truly make. Now I know most individuals usually are not upgrading their phones each individual yr, but I [00:00:30] still thought it would be pleasurable to see how a lot or it’s possible how tiny of a distinction there is amongst the two digicam programs. And as usually, every thing you see in this comparison has been shot on a person of the two phones straight from the digicam with zero edits used except if I say or else. And this comparison would be exactly the similar no matter of whether I utilized the 14 promax and the 13 promax because the camera devices are truly identical to that on the normal pro styles.

Speaker 1: They are just larger telephones. All right, let us see the shots [00:01:00] like all comparisons, private choice performs a significant aspect in all this. As well as the display you are viewing on does make a variance. Let us seem at that primary wide angle digital camera first. Components wise, this is the most significant alter mainly because the 14 Pro has that new 48 megapixel sensor. The 13 pros a 12 megapixel sensor. We’ll communicate about the 48 megapixel shots in a second, but by default the 14 Professional takes 12 megapixel [00:01:30] photos working with a approach known as pixel bidding. So we are comparing apples to apples with these images. And as you can see, so considerably in superior gentle final results are rather related. It can be challenging to convey to the variance among these photographs if you are searching at them at a lowered magnification, but it is really when you push in a tiny little bit that the rewards of individuals pixel bend illustrations or photos show up on the 14 professional The tree trunks are extra defined and sharper than those people on the 13 Professional.

Speaker 1: And so two are places of fine detail like the grass. The [00:02:00] 14 Professionals Lands also has a wider industry of look at than the 13 professional at 24 versus 26 millimeters. Now that usually means you can get a little little bit additional in your shot, which might be in particular beneficial for factors like landscapes. And you can see in most of these side by sides the perspective is a tiny bit broader on the 14 professional for the reason that of that lens. The 14 Professional also has another trick up its snooze as that 48 megapixel sensor can also allow you get 12 megapixel photographs at effectively two times zoom [00:02:30] just by cropping into that bigger resolution picture. So you’ll get some more overall flexibility with focal length even with no a fourth lens. The two the phones support apple’s photographic designs or a preset search to your illustrations or photos you can customize. Now this is unique to a filter since it allows you see the result right before you acquire the picture and it identifies and applies regional edits.

Speaker 1: And let’s chat about uncooked files for a 2nd. You can acquire professional raw images on equally, which offers you more scope to make non-damaging [00:03:00] edits or get better element from things like clipped highlights or shadow element. If you choose uncooked method on the 14 pro, it usually takes the total 48 megabit or image on the major camera. And let me alert you, all those data files are massive and they can get to in excess of a hundred megabytes every single relying on the quantity of depth in your shot. So I really hope you purchased that larger potential cellphone. But the success are unquestionably truly worth it and truly clearly show off the sensors dynamic assortment. They also take additional time [00:03:30] to capture and process as you’d anticipate, so it truly is not as speedy to snap them as standard 12 megapixel pictures. Subsequent, let’s glance at the telephoto cameras. Both telephones go to three moments optical zoom at F 2.8 and they seem fairly related.

Speaker 1: If you truly wanna split hairs, the 14 pro is a tiny little bit sharper at entire magnification If you need to get nearer, equally of the phones have digital zoom. Here is the 10 situations comparison, which is all right I guess if you have more than enough gentle [00:04:00] and both of those go to a maximum 15 occasions and authentic talk neither will appear wonderful in this article. But the 14 professional does appear a very little little bit far more true to daily life with a contact extra detail fairly than that sort of painterly smudgy influence from the 13 Pro. Wanting at photos from the extremely extensive, I seriously can’t location several discrepancies at all among the two. Now the two are capturing at 12 mega pixels and actually seem strikingly identical. If nearly anything, I would say the 14 pro has a little bit extra distinction on the default [00:04:30] photographic style right here and I really variety of desire the considerably less distinction you glance from the older cellphone in this problem.

Speaker 1: Both can also acquire macro photographs by leveraging auto concentration on the ultra vast camera. Now you will get the most effective results when you will find ample gentle on your matter and it stays even now and you can get as shut as two centimeters from your issue. This will immediately change from the vast digital camera to the extremely broad when you move in for selfies. The front facing digicam on the Iphone 14 Professional has been upgraded with [00:05:00] a more rapidly maximum aperture of F 1.9 and the extra reward of owning auto concentrated in comparison to not obtaining car focus on the 13 Pro. Does it seriously make a huge distinction, in particular when it comes to acquiring a number of persons in the body? Properly, I feel it can be a very subtle difference as you can see right here in the side by facet, but it absolutely does support with factors like group selfies.

Speaker 2: Hello mom,

Speaker 1: For continue to photographs on the front cameras. I uncover photos taken on the newer telephone look much better general than [00:05:30] the 13 pro. They have much less of that yellow tinge that some older iPhones can capture on the entrance camera. You will find improved definition and because the aperture is a lot quicker, you may frequently be in a position to seize marginally improved benefits in small gentle two. For portrait manner, there is not substantially difference really between the two phones in terms of edge detection, but the 14 pro does are inclined to brighten the graphic a little bit additional. The 14 Professional also allows you get portrait photos at two periods zoom fairly than the one occasions or a few situations only on the 13 pro. And [00:06:00] I imagine that two occasions is kind of a wonderful sweet spot. If you want a nitpick, I would say a very little little bit more of the image stays sharp on the more recent cellphone, particularly here on this photo of my dog time for lowlight images first.

Speaker 1: Then we are going to communicate about evening mode exclusively. So the Iphone 14 Professional has a new graphic processing pipeline to assistance strengthen medium to lowlight photographs and mixed with the bigger sensor, I can see the distinction in this shot at dusk. Specifically when you search at [00:06:30] the detail captured on the tree branches by the skyline, the more recent cell phone also has a bit improved sounds reduction in lower lights without the need of night time manner active. And I also discover dynamic selection is far better in low light-weight two capturing more shadow and spotlight depth than the older phone. Now for night method photographs especially, equally the telephones use very equivalent exposure times ranging from a person to a few seconds relying on the lights ailments. And on this shot, it certainly does not glance darkish adequate to set off night mode, but have confidence in me, [00:07:00] it was way darker to my eye than the digicam would make it look, which is the elegance of night manner Seriously the 14 pro picture has a lot more exact white harmony general and a little bit much better depth when you zoom in video clip time, both can shoot in 4K at up to 60 frames a second.

Speaker 1: And the video picture seems to be very identical on the two in very good gentle, specially when you happen to be filming on that main purple digicam. The 14 pro has a minimal bit additional saturation on the blue channel, but I would genuinely be tough pressed [00:07:30] to inform these two apart if I didn’t know which was which. But I obtain that when I’m taking pictures at a few situations on that telephoto lens, it is a minimal bit sharper on a newer telephone. Let’s appear at action method, which is a new stabilization manner that crops in a bit on your graphic while it does fall the resolution to 2.8 K and which is truly essential if you do commonly like to film anything in 4k. But I assume the effects are unquestionably well worth it, in particular if you wanna movie nearly anything involving [00:08:00] running, going for walks, or probably you wanna mount your cellular phone on a bike. Now below is a jogging shot to show you the big difference in between action method on the 14 Pro and just frequent 4K footage on the 13 Pro.

Speaker 1: But do make positive to check out extra about what motion mode can do in our breakout movie that’s connected in the description. We first saw cinematic method on the 13 pro and it detects when faces or other objects enter the frame, shifting the emphasis appropriately, [00:08:30] kind of like a concentration puller would do. You can also change the impact soon after filming by looking at the critical frames and tapping on what you wanna change focus to. You can also alter the digital F end to control depth of discipline. The biggest change in performance here is that the 14 Professional now allows you get cinematic manner in 4K fairly than 10 80 p on me. 13 Pro. You can also shoot ProRes movie on both telephones, but I seriously hope you have more than enough storage for that since I surely [00:09:00] really don’t.

Speaker 1: So there you have it. The Iphone 14 Professional obviously has some strengths around the more mature mobile phone, especially if you want the advantages of that larger sized 48 megapixel sensor and some of the video tweaks like action method. But all those could possibly not be essentially truly worth upgrading just to get people two options cuz the Apple iphone 13 Professional is even now an extremely very good digicam. Many thanks so significantly for watching. I have put some beneficial backlinks in the description for you [00:09:30] about matters like the genuine comprehensive textual content comparison. You can find also backlinks on wherever you can uncover things, together with the conditions that I was using on the phones in present day video. And you can also hit me up on your favored social media application with any thoughts you have about these two phones and their cameras. Until finally up coming time, I am going to see you later.

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