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Meet up with Google’s Pixel 7 Mind, the Tensor G2 Processor

Google unveiled its Tensor G2 smartphone processor Thursday, the second-generation structure of the electronic brains that accelerate AI acceleration capabilities on its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

Google product chief Rick Osterloh introduced the processor at Google’s hardware launch function in New York, wherever the company also touted new Google community routers, doorbells and the Pixel Watch.

“We’ve included a next-generation on-machine TPU [tensor processing unit], which keeps up with our speedily evolving device learning research,” Osterloh claimed.

The Tensor title stems from the mathematical strategy that is main to the synthetic intelligence calculations the processor is built to accelerate. Google depends on AI acceleration for quite a few duties like speech recognition but perhaps most importantly for processing shots and videos. Google phone calls its AI accelerator a TPU, but all those modules go by several other names, as well, like Apple’s Neural Motor.

Processors lay the foundations for a phone’s capabilities. The Pixel 6’s initial-generation Tensor chip involved eight central processing units (CPUs): two quick cores with 2.86GHz clock speeds for the most vital jobs, two midrange cores ticking at 2.25GHz and four little, efficient A55 cores at 1.8GHz for get the job done that is light on the battery. Those CPUs are accompanied by a graphics processing unit (GPU), graphic processors, AI accelerators and other modules.

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