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Seeking to Leave a Group Chat but Another person Has an Android? There’s a Repair For That

While Apple’s model new Iphone 15 collection is now capturing the focus of customers almost everywhere, not absolutely everyone is going to be enticed by the tech giant’s hottest offering. No matter what great new flagship telephones smartphone-makers will supply, people today will always have their favourite models. And we all know that even with your Apple iphone or Android alliance, at the stop of the working day it does not issue what kind of phone your buddies have, you might be however likely to want to be in team chats with them.

Even so, if you are an Apple iphone person, you’ve most likely been in the situation where a group textual content is blowing up your phone and clogging your notifications — and all you want is some peace and tranquil. The good news is, you have a couple of alternatives to set a pause on that stream of notifications. 

If all people in the team chat is on an Apple iphone — such as your self — there’s a take care of to this challenge is fairly extraordinary, nevertheless pretty very simple. All you have to do is depart the team chat. Nonetheless, if you might be on an Iphone in a group chat with one particular or much more Android people, you won’t be equipped to just stroll absent. 

You should not be concerned: It can be even now quick to place a halt to a noisy group chat, even if it truly is a combined group. We’ve obtained a way for you to silence those pesky notifications. 

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Why can’t I leave a group chat with Apple iphone and Android consumers?

It is effortless more than enough to go away a group chat if absolutely everyone is on an Apple gadget employing the Messages application: 

1. Tap the group text message that you want to go away.
2. Faucet the group icons at the leading of the thread.
3. Faucet the Go away this Discussion button.

If, even so, you use Messages in a group chat with an Android user, you happen to be stuck. Why? For the reason that after you happen to be outside the house of Apple’s texting earth, Android and mobile carriers manage messages differently. So right after you be a part of a mixed Apple-and-Android team, you can not depart it. Frustrating, correct?

What must I do if I am in a group message with an Android person? 

Because you are unable to leave an iMessage group if there’s an Android user in the chat, your only alternative is to mute the team chat. It is really a basic course of action. (Pro idea: You can also abide by these steps if you want to silence notifications without having leaving the chat.)

The very first detail you’ll want to do is open the Messages application on your Apple iphone or other Apple machine and go into the group chat you want to mute. If you might be employing iOS 14 or earlier, you can expect to need to faucet the group icons at the prime of the messaging display, and then faucet the information and facts button on the web page that pops up, which appears as a lowercase “i” with a circle around it. Right after the upcoming screen appears, scroll down to the Hide Alerts selection and change it on.

If you are using iOS 15 or later on, tap the group icons at the top of the messaging monitor. When the future display screen pops up, all you need to have to do is scroll down to the Conceal Alerts alternative and switch it on. 

A different option you have to silence your messages is to go to the screen with your list of messages. When you have uncovered the information you want to silence, you can only swipe left over the information and then tap the purple Alerts button there.

At the time you have silenced notifications, an icon on the messages display indicates that you’ve turned off notifications for that precise group message. If you might be making use of iOS 14 or before, this icon will look like a crescent moon. On iOS 15 or later, the icon will be a bell with a slash as a result of it. 

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