Upcoming Arrival of Google’s Call Screening Feature for Pixel Phones in India

Google’s amazing call screening feature for Pixel smartphones could be soon available in more countries, including India, as per details discovered by a Reddit user. The feature, which transcribes calls from unknown and spam callers, is currently available in select countries and languages, but the company is now planning to add support for over 10 more languages and regions in the future. It remains unclear whether the expanded rollout will offer access to the automatic call screening feature that is available to users in the US.

Reddit user u/Yuval17G (via Android Police) reports that they were able to enable the Google Pixel Call Screening feature on a rooted OnePlus 7 running on a custom version of Android 14 called AOSPA (Paranoid Android) along with another root-related module called GappsMod. After enabling the relevant call screening flags, the user claims that they were able to download Hindi language packages and get the feature to work on their smartphone.

According to screenshots shared by the user, Google appears to have added English (India) and Hindi (India) to the languages supported by the call screening feature. The revelation of previously unsupported languages suggests that the company could be planning on introducing the feature on Pixel smartphones in India in the coming months.

The post on Reddit also includes a list of other languages and regions where Pixel Call Screening might soon be available. These include English (Singapore), French (Belgium and Switzerland), German (Belgium, Austria, Switzerland), Italian (Switzerland and Italy), Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish (US/ EE.UU).

While the user managed to use a rooted smartphone to enable the feature and the languages were available, the company is yet to make an announcement related to the expansion of call screening in other languages and regions. It is likely to arrive in the form of a Pixel Feature Drop – the next one is anticipated to be in March, and we can expect to find out more details in the coming weeks.

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In conclusion, the potential arrival of Google’s Call Screening feature for Pixel phones in India is a promising development for smartphone users in the country. With the increasing prevalence of spam and fraudulent calls, the implementation of this feature could significantly improve the overall call experience and provide users with greater peace of mind. By leveraging advanced AI technology to screen and block unwanted calls, this feature has the potential to revolutionize the way users interact with their phones. If introduced in India, it could greatly benefit users by providing a reliable and effective solution to the persistent problem of unwanted calls.

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