Accessing YouTube and Spotify on the Apple Vision Pro may require opening Safari

According to a report, YouTube and Spotify will not have standalone apps for the Apple Vision Pro when the device is launched on February 2. The highly anticipated hardware will be arriving in the US soon, but it will reportedly not support three of the most popular video and audio streaming platforms – YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. Customers with active subscriptions may be able to access content using the built-in Safari browser, albeit with certain limitations.

YouTube told Bloomberg in a statement that they currently have no plans to launch a dedicated app for the Apple Vision Pro. Apple does allow developers to enable users to access the iPad version of their apps on the mixed reality headset, but YouTube users will not have that option.

Similarly, Spotify will not offer a standalone streaming app for the Vision Pro, nor will it allow access to the iPad app on the headset. The absence of Spotify on the platform is likely to be felt by Vision Pro owners, given the platform’s 600 million users and 30 percent market share.

Overall, both services may eventually roll out support for the Apple Vision Pro, with dedicated apps optimized for the mixed reality headset. The companies could also offer their existing iPad apps on the Vision Pro.

In the meantime, users of both platforms who purchase the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro headset will have to access YouTube and Spotify via the built-in Safari browser. This could mean that users won’t have access to immersive ‘Environments’ around the content they are watching.

On its launch day, the Apple Vision Pro will have access to several streaming apps and services, including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, and Apple TV+. Customers will also be able to view bought or rented movies in 2D and 3D using the mixed reality headset.

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In conclusion, while the limitation of having to use Safari to access YouTube and Spotify on the Apple Vision Pro may be inconvenient for some users, it still provides a high-quality experience for those who enjoy streaming music and videos. The accessibility features and overall performance of the device make it a valuable tool for individuals with visual impairments or other disabilities. Hopefully, as technology continues to advance, there will be more seamless integration of popular apps like YouTube and Spotify on the Apple Vision Pro, making it even more user-friendly for all individuals.

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